Captain America

Super heroes will always be a sure choice for any Halloween night. With so many spandex-clad hotties from your favorite comic books appearing as blockbuster hits, super heroes always go over well. 


American Horror Story: Coven

Premiering last October, FX's American Horror Story: Coven was one of the most popular seasons of the hit show to date. With so many characters to choose from, gaining inspiration for Halloween couldn’t be simpler.

For Fiona Goode, just think high-fashion black and accessorize with more black: black gloves paired with black shades, a small, black umbrella and you're set. Don't forget to bring a cigarette for added effect, because, let's face it, witch loved her smokes.

For Madam Delphine LaLaurie, think 18th century socialite, slash serial killer: smear a little fake blood on your face and you're set.

A simple white Grecian dress wrapped with cloth bands, a head wrap and animal tooth necklaces will transform you into the perfect voodoo priestess, Marie Laveau. Don't forget a fake snake to help raise your army of the dead.

And for Marie's lover, the Minotaur, well, a bull's head or horns and ragged pants will suffice. No shirt required, or desired.

Spalding, the Academy's servant, requires a creepy grey wig and dirty, long fingernails, paired with a butler's outfit.

And last, but certainly not least, for Myrtle Snow, find your inspiration in seventies chic, with loud bright patterns, a crimped, frizzy red wig and cat eye glasses.


True Blood

In honor of HBO’s final season of True Blood and one of the show’s hottest characters, Eric Northman, grab a set of fake fangs and blood. Get your leather out and and leave the shirt at home.


Game of Thrones

All things medieval repurpose well for one of HBO’s hottest series, Game of Thrones.  For male characters like Jaime Lannister, John Snow or Joffrey Baratheon, grab outfits perfect for Camelot and add fake weaponry. For the Mother of Dragons, Daenerys Targaryen, get a long, blonde wig and show some skin with a beautiful, light dress. For added effect, add a pet dragon.


Breaking Bad

A hazmat or bee-keeper suit with a face mask and rubber gloves will allow you to create the ideal Walter White, from AMC’s Breaking Bad.


Orange Is the New Black

An orange or beige jumpsuit or pair of scrubs with a simple white, long-sleeve thermal shirt underneath would make the perfect Alex and Piper from Netflix’s series Orange is the New Black. Accessorize with dark rimmed glasses and fake tattoos for Alex or a blonde wig for Piper and you’re all set.


All photos courtesy of Julius Greene.

A very special thanks to the staff at Performance Studios for their assistance with the wardrobe and styling of this feature. All costumes props and special effects are available for rent or purchase.

Performance Studios is located at 523 W. Thompson Lane in Nashville.

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