Born and raised in a Baptist household in Texas, Kevin La Freniere moved to Nashville earlier this year to pursue his songwriting and modeling career.

Christmas? It’s already here again?!

This year is going to be my first Tennessee Christmas. Usually Christmases take place in Texas where I was born and raised by my Baptist preacher father and homemaker mother. Every year Christmas came with having to read the Christmas story from the Bible, which drove me insane, because it’s the same story every year! It also came with mentally adding up my gifts to my sister’s gifts, to see if my parents spent equal amount of money on us. I was always wondering how much money I could make by taking back all the gifts without receipts after the sales ended.

I started out the annoying kid who wanted to decorate everything with blue lights and icicles, and then I turned into the teen that played sick so I could avoid church Christmas parties and family gatherings to watch porn and chat online. However, I always did enjoy myself either way!

Now that I’m grown and have moved away from home, I’m starting to miss my mom’s annoying reminders about clothing choices and location spots for the Christmas card photos, wondering if my backwoods side of the family is going to bring Boone's Farm or spam casserole to the table this year, and who really is wanting to break the other preacher's nose when Grandma has to decide which of the two minister son-in-laws she is going to ask to pray before we break bread.

This year is going to be a little different since I know a total of two people in Nashville. It’s just going to be me and my dog listening to Dolly’s “Hard Candy Christmas” and sitting in front of a make-believe fire, eating cereal, and writing songs that hopefully will make next year’s Christmas a whole different story. Merry Christmas, Nashville!

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