How difficult can it be to maintain health and fitness during a divorce, breakup or separation? Well, the situation can create havoc, even if that’s not in the plans. Depression, anger, sadness and a gaggle of other emotions can flood you and make you feel worthless and despondent. How you face the moment can determine the course that your health will take.
It is good to bring your inner circle of friends and family together to guide you through these choppy waters. These BFFs and family members can give you support and tell you all the right things to keep you going. Go to your contact list and reach out to someone.
Keep busy during the days, weeks, and months after your breakup. Idle time gives you the opportunity to dwell on what went wrong. This can lead to overeating and a state of depression. Keep the calendar full of events and appointments.
Don’t listen to sad songs or watch sad movies. You want to rise from that ash pile, not roll around in it! You’re already traumatized enough! Listen to Jimmy Buffett or rent a Marx Brothers movie.
Make an effort to talk in a civil tone to your ex-partner, who is going through the same situation that you are. Be certain that you are able to keep it between the lines, though. Don’t go into a conversation looking to rip the person’s head off! Take your time before calling or meeting this ex of yours. Get things out in the open so you both can begin moving your wagons down your respective trails again.
Get the emotions out of your system. Do not bottle up any feelings inside. They will eventually come out, and they will usually zap your health in the process. Write a poem, keep a diary, cry, scream on the top of a hill, hit a punching bag, or find another release. Once these emotions surface, you can begin healing.
Know that this is not the end. Know that you will fight to live another day. You have the power to control yourself and yourself only. Know that you are human and that mistakes do happen. Know that there is another beginning out there for you. Know that anything is possible, and never give up believing in the impossible.
Finally, know that everything’s gonna be all right!
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