The healthiest thing I did yesterday was to live through the day. Not every day is so easy for me after the attack I experienced in December. I struggle on many occasions to keep going in life. I work hard to find something good about each and every day.
There are many people out there counting on me to help them with their happiness and wellness. And knowing that makes me happy and well ... if only for a moment. So I continue onward to get past that traumatic night.
I was attacked in my downtown Phoenix, Arizona, home. Three people entered my place and were involved in my sexual assault. I had been asleep and sick and was in my bed. I was held down and assaulted repeatedly. It was horrific for me.
Since the police left that night, I have been working with many therapists and counselors to deal with the severe emotional trauma I went through. I am experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder and have had difficulty sleeping, as well as frequent nightmares.
I also have been doing physical therapy to heal from the injury I suffered that night. In July, I received the bad news from one of my doctors after reviewing an MRI that I will likely need more intensive therapy for the physical damage I sustained.
After that terrible incident, I experienced a lot of anger, frustration, and guilt. The assault itself and the emotions that followed caused me to lose so much in my life. I lost my relationship with my partner, lost my black pug Buddy, lost my business/job, lost my home, and lost my health.
I debated for a long time about whether to go public with my attack. I decided to share this in the hope that talking about it will help me heal. I just simply need to talk sometimes. The three individuals took a lot away from me, and I am working on taking back that night.
Only a small fraction of sexual assault victims ever report their attacks. I am reporting my assault right now. It’s not something I should feel guilty about anymore. I did nothing wrong that night.
You and I probably have never met. But because you are reading my account of what happened to me, you and I are working together. You’re helping me connect with my emotions and giving me an opportunity to connect with so many other people by telling my story. You are allowing me to use my voice, something that I did not have on that cold December night.
Please share my story with people in the Kansas City area and beyond. I suffered in silence for too long. It’s time to start talking about sexual assault, and it’s healthy for all of us everywhere to start talking about it.
I am a brother, a son, an uncle, a cousin, a nephew, and a best friend to somebody. The three people involved in my assault that night will never take that away from me. Never.
This wellness article is brought to you by that guy who realizes that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself. That guy with FDR optimism is Ron Blake, and he can be reached at

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