It started about 44 years ago. I began to eat … and I liked it. And when you like food, there is no better time of the year than the winter holiday season. Watch as I gobble down everything. I’ll even let you know how I do it and still stay high school skinny.

I’ll eat pretzels and chips as pre-party snacks while we watch the parade and football. Thanks Mom! We nearly forgot the dip … that was sure a great call.

I’ll eat stuffing and gravy — whether it’s made in the kitchen or bought from a store. I will eat it at the table or while sitting on the floor.

I’ll eat turkey. White meat and dark meat — it will be tough to decide. I’ll end up sampling both, whether they’re baked or they’re fried.

I’ll eat green bean casserole. Warm, crunchy and delicious, it makes my mouth water. It’s so good, I might swipe a bite from my brother’s little daughter.

I’ll eat mashed potatoes. I like’em lumpy and hot with just a pat of butter. Please pass the bowl; I don’t think that you heard me stutter.

I’ll eat biscuits. Don’t make me buy a vowel or solve a silly puzzle. My taste buds want to have great food without any tussle.

I’ll eat corn on the cob. It might look like I’m typing while I eat from left to right. And of course there won’t be any mistakes from first to last bite.

I’ll eat pumpkin pie. I’ll dollop whipped cream on it for just the right flavor. Don’t make me ask twice; I am on my best behavior.

I’ll eat salad — mixed with tomatoes, cucumbers, and pieces of bacon. If you thought that it’s not tasty then you’re obviously mistaken.

I’ll eat cookies, brownies, and fudge. A holiday feast isn’t complete until these treats are here. Here comes ice cream and even spoons – you certainly are a dear.

I will eat and eat at parties during this great season. I will also not worry about all those calories I will consume during these few weeks. I know that everything’s going to turn out just fine for me.

I run 208 days of the year, and I work out 156 days of the year. Make exercise a routine in your everyday life and you’ll have so many more days like this to enjoy throughout the year … without the guilt.

Happy (and healthy) holidays to all you elves and reindeer out there!

This article was brought to you by that guy who seldom strays from the eaten path. That guy is Ron Blake, and he can be contacted at

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