Were you at the Parthenon last month? Did you meet an interesting person who may have seemed ... different? Rumors have been swirling around certain circles since the Olympus fundraiser held by Tennessee Equality Project last month. Hushed whispers, and overheard snippets of conversation along with “confidential” gossip speak of something rather irregular.

“What did you think about...”
“She made things interesting.”
“She was so BEAUTIFUL!”

Not a big deal on the face of it, of course. Easy to dismiss if you hadn’t been at the Parthenon that evening. But there have been several reports of a “mysterious woman” who slipped in and out amongst the patrons.

Her direct questions to various people there were followed by a fierce, almost hungry attention as she listened to the answers. No one seems to remember exactly what she looked like physically, although each witness remarked specifically about how big and hypnotic her eyes were.

It seems, if the reports are to be believed, that she promised each person spoken to that she would return soon, “while the earth still sleeps, yet after these omens three.”

Again, easy to dismiss and forget about.

Until a strange email landed in the inboxes of staff members for O&AN on Oct. 16. It was simply titled “Omen 1.” It reads in full:

“Olympus is pleased to announce and welcome a new member into its Pantheon. With the passage of a non-discrimination ordinance for city employees, including sexual orientation and gender identity protections, the City of Memphis takes its place in the Pantheon of Equality alongside sister cities Nashville and Knoxville. Greatly aided by warriors in the Tennessee Equality Project, and the efforts of the Shelby County Committee, Memphis rises to its rightful spot in Olympus as a champion of humanity, dignity, and acceptance.

“Additionally, Nashville and Knoxville confirm their pride in their sister’s decision to ascend to her rightful place in this elite group.

“Further, we wish to encourage other cities to take up the challenge of granting fairness and equality and gaining membership in the Pantheon of Equality. We recognize the challenge inherent in such undertakings, and send a call out to all those who would battle, labor, and sacrifice to help others achieve what these cities have accomplished.

“Our warmest welcome to the City of Memphis. We acknowledge the great efforts and fierce determination shown by her loyal lieutenants in helping her achieve this highly prized victory.

In the absence of any further information at this time, we are going to label this a developing story. Stay tuned.

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