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RVing is one of the world's oldest vacation choices and thanks to COVID it's making a comeback.

One of the things we love to hate about celebrities is their extravagant lifestyles: new cars, designer gear, and personal assistants. These are all elements that come with the job.

Real-life couple Kit Williamson and John Halbach are probably not that lavish, but both of these stars have a long list of credits to their names. Williamson was a recurring character in the critically acclaimed Mad Men and Halbach starred in the long-running, Emmy-nominated Eastsiders which the couple co-wrote together.

Hollywood accomplishments aside, the duo is not letting fame hinder their love of no-frills travel. In fact, Queerty and GoRVing are following them for a special travel vlog this month as they make their way up the California coast in their RV.

RVing has seen an upward trend over the last few years. The pandemic has forced tourists to keep their travel plans domestic and what better way to do that than pack up your covered wagon (so to speak) and take it with you.

Summer 2021 was a little bit better than 2020 as far as traveling, but the Delta Variant is laying waste to a once-prosperous travel year as more and more people are taking cover, once again hunkering down waiting for this viral form to pass.

RVs seem to be a workaround as far as getting out of the house for a little change of scenery. LGBTQ RVing is on the rise and there are plenty of places that are dedicated to the community, or at least, welcoming of it. Take for instance Gay Camping USA. This site has a comprehensive list of inclusive campgrounds that just keeps growing.

Williamson and Halbach are going rogue on their adventure though; this will be their inaugural trip in a motorhome. Joined in the first episode by their friend Adrian Anchondo (and Mochi), the group goes surfing in Malibu, heads to the hills for an invigorating hike, and finally, sits around an evening campfire for a little bit of cocktail therapy.

Flexibility is one of the great things about RVing. Your point of origin and your destination are at your discretion. For example, one day you could be fanning yourself in the middle of the Arizona desert and five hours later your sitting around a shoreside campfire on a San Diego beach.

In their popular series EastSiders, Williamson and Halbach took their storyline on the road, literally. In season three the main characters set out on a real-life cross-country road trip from New York to Los Angeles.

After the series wrapped, Williamson gave some sage advice on always ending your adventure atop the sands of Malibu.

“There couldn't be a better sense of relief than when we put our feet in the sand and watched the sunset," he told New Now Next. “Our Herculean task was over, and we just soaked it all in."

Image Source: Cotton bro at Pexels

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