If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to lose weight, you might think about joining a GLBT weight watchers group.

The current group has been meeting for almost a year, and in that time some 15 individuals have been able to lose more than 1,100 pounds. The group meets at Red Restaurant, 1517 Church Street in Nashville, on Monday evenings at 5:30 p.m. (the restaurant is closed on Mondays).

A new 10-week session is forming and begins on Jan. 14. It’s the only GLBT Weight Watchers group in Tennessee.

Those attending say the supportive atmosphere helps, and they are comfortable in an environment where they do not have to worry about how others may judge their sexual orientation.

“It’s really astonishing,” said organizer Bud East. “We’ve lost more than 1,100 pounds in just under a year. It’s a very committed group, and I think anyone that joins will enjoy the supportive GLBT environment.”

The group is lead by Weight Watchers lifetime member Stan Albright. Participants attend meetings once a week that last less than an hour. Each week members have a confidential weigh-in to help track their progress. Participants learn how to make wise choices, eat healthy and enjoy food and exercise.

Albright said a free, open meeting would be held for anyone interested in joining on Mon., Jan. 14, so they can see how the meetings are conducted and have any questions answered. 

The cost for the 10-week period is $120 for new members, $110 for returning members and $100 for lifetime members.

“This series will run for 10 weeks,” Albright said. “We need a total of 15 people who will sign up for the ten weeks before we can begin the class. It’s a perfect time to make those New Year’s resolutions come true.”

For more information, contact East at budeast@comcast.net or call Tribe at 615-329-2912. 

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