Memphis, Tenn.
– Two new organizations hope to promote unity and diversity in the GLBT community. On July 28, 2005 the Greek Letter Organization Alpha Chi Upsilon Sorority was founded. April Blair, the national president and founder wanted to create a sisterhood that was open and accepting of people of all various backgrounds. One year later they welcome their brother organization, Alpha Omega Chi Fraternity. Their goal is to provide positive brotherhood and sisterhood that shows unity and promotes diversity and awareness.

Within the first year of conception, Alpha Chi Upsilon Sorority became a very strong force in the GBLT community of Memphis, Tenn. They have successfully formed two out-of-town chapters, the Beta Chapter located in Houston, Texas and the Gamma Chapter located in Nashville, Tenn.

Alpha Chi Upsilon (AXY) has been featured in various publications including National GLBT news publication The Advocate. The brother organization, Alpha Omega Chi Fraternity is in the process of expanding to other areas across the nation as well.

Alpha Chi Upsilon Sorority was also proud to welcome honorary members, Sophia Pasquis from the well-known MTV reality show, Road Rules X-treme and Ruthie Acailade, one of the most well-known cast members from MTV’s hit reality show Real World (Hawaii).

The National Headquarters welcomed Sophia officially during a unity event for Memphis Black Pride that Alpha Chi Upsilon Sorority hosted.

Although Alpha Chi Upsilon Sorority and Alpha Omega Chi Fraternity are social organizations, they are very active in the GLBT community. Always focusing on their goals, both groups hold monthly mixers and forums that bring people of all backgrounds together in a positive environment for open discussions about various topics. The Rainbow Social Mixer has quickly grown to become a popular event to attend.

The organizations also host fundraisers to help raise money for various causes including AIDS awareness, breast cancer awareness, diabetes awareness and literacy development.

Project Tiger Paw is the Greek Organizations signature philanthropy. Each month the organizations perform various service projects geared to help uplift and help the community. During the month of August AXY and AQX held a clothing drive for the homeless. Upcoming Project Tiger Paw service projects include food, clothing, and book drives.

Both organizations are also very focused on promoting awareness by holding safe-sex, AIDS awareness and health seminars. Helping to uplift the community, AXY and AQX also are in the process of creating a program to help individuals reach their full potential with career and literacy development. They also plan to help individuals who dropped out of high school to obtain their high school diplomas or G.E.D. equivalency.

Alpha Chi Upsilon Sorority and Alpha Omega Chi Fraternity are both expanding and are currently looking for strong and motivated individuals to join and head chapters all over the United States. Both organizations have a strict “come as you are” policy. They do not discriminate against race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability or gender classification. The AXY and AQX family also welcomes transgender individuals. Individuals must be 18 years or older to join, and must maintain a professional or educational status. You do not have to be a student to join. Alpha Chi Upsilon and Alpha Omega Chi believe in giving individuals the chance to experience Greek life for those who were not able to attend college, or who were denied the chance to be in a Greek letter organization due to their sexual orientation.

Alpha Chi Upsilon Sorority and Alpha Omega Chi Fraternity both hope to grown into strong positive forces in the GLBT communities nationwide.

If you would like more information on Alpha Chi Upsilon Sorority or Alpha Omega Chi Fraternity, please visit their Web sites at and

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