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It’s time to show just how much you love that “special someone” once more as Valentine’s Day approaches by shelling out your hard-earned money on any number of V-Day gifts. While considering your plethora of Mylar balloons, heart-shaped chocolate and red roses how about considering alternatives that have more of a shelf life this year? No matter if that gift is for your secret admirer, long-time lover or just that special friend in your life, O&AN has compiled a list of great gift ideas that’s sure to make every Valentine happy this year.

Dress Him Up In Your Love

What better Valentine’s gift than new, sexy undies that make him look even hotter while giving you some great eye-candy to scope out? This year, Otter Fashion ( is featuring a set of eight colorful classic all-cotton y-front briefs that are comfy and supportive but sport an eye-catching design with the company’s trademark “Ottie, the Otter” on the front of each. This “Passion Package” comes complete with an adorable stuffed plush “Ottie” that stands erect a foot tall. This rainbow assortment of sexy briefs is equipped with comfortable elastic waistbands and bright vivid colors that will make a match with any killer V-Day outfit. The Passion Package comes in sizes S, M, L and XL and retails for $75 ($139 value). While you’re there, take a moment to browse Otter’s line of sassy and stylish T-shirts and other fun outerwear for him or her.

Another great place to get hold of some sexy undies for him is GoSoftwear ( With an entire line ranging from popular low-rise briefs to classic Y-Fronts with an edge, GoSoftwear has been at the forefront of men’s loungewear for almost a decade. The contour European fit with bold comic-book colors and outrageous designs have become a favorite choice in men’s fashion underwear.

Remind him of gym class in the ’70s with the sexy, fitted Retro Short or get military on your guy with a pair of U.S. Army low-rise briefs or give him the snug and flattering Samurai v-front boxer. With an assortment ranging 18 different colors, you’re sure to find something to fit his every mood.

Give The Gift Of Art

If you want to give a gift that will last and that speaks from the heart, take a look at the work of local lesbian artist Nancy Van Reece, whose newest work is currently on display at Provence in Round About Plaza. Van Reece’s work is playful and evocative while maintaining a sense of depth and emotion just beneath the surface. It is easy to get lost in the details of Van Reece’s work while being overcome by the enormity of the entire piece. Nancy Van Reece’s vision is one that looks into worlds unseen by the casual eye and brings that vision to life for us on the canvas. Brighten up the home of someone you love by giving them the gift of art while helping to support local talent at the same time. 

Van Reece is offering O&AN readers 30 percent off her already reasonably priced works of art until February 14.

Music To Calm (Or Encourage) The Savage Beast

Take a listen to “A Date with John Waters” for you Valentine’s Day listening pleasure. This heartfelt and touchingly bizarre compilation of love songs selected by legendary filmmaker John Waters in the same tradition as his similarly themed “A John Waters Christmas.” The album features songs intended to seduce, startle and delight with innocent sexuality. From the punk rock “Jet Boy jet Girl” to the sultry Mink Stole tune “Sometimes I Wish I Had a Gun” this is the ultimate in out-of-this-world music for lovers and anyone who has ever felt the sting of Cupid’s arrows. In the liner notes Waters writes: “Come on over, let’s listen to some tunes. Have a seat on my sofa. Think I invited you over here to discuss the future of independent film? Hell no, I’m lookin’ for a little action.”

Music To Really Say "I Love You"

For the past six years fans of Diana Ross have eagerly awaited her next release. Finally, just in time for V-Day, Ms. Ross has released the appropriately titled “I Love You”. Over fifteen tracks, Ms. Ross delivers dead-on interpretations of seventies soul and R&B classics such as “More Today than Yesterday,” “Take my breath Away” and “The Look of Love.” The first lady of soul and pop also lends her unique magic to hits like “This Magic Moment,” “You Rae So Beautiful” and a number of other classics sure to light the fires of passion within you and your beloved while the candles burn low. If Ms. Ross can’t light your fire with “I Love You,” then nothing will.

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