As motivated dieters make New Year's resolutions, one Music City workout studio gets ready for the rush.

FIT Nashville, a workout studio located in the Gulch, provides three different types of memberships to accommodate the needs of all comers. Classes can also be purchased individually, with most costing just $9.

The options of group classes and personal coaching are an appealing benefit of the facility.  Each new client receives a complimentary assessment and screening to determine the course of action.

F.I.T Nashville notes on its website that the facility is "welcoming to domestic couples and alternative lifestyles." Co-owner Brian Berndt shares more information on the offerings at F.I.T with Out & About Newspaper

What makes FIT stand out as such a welcoming place for the GLBT community?

Well, first off, my partner and I are part of the GLBT community, and we participate in a number of GLBT events and activities throughout the year. I’m also a member of the Nashville Grizzlies rugby team, and we’ve designated FIT Nashville as the home gym for the team. Secondly, we’ve created an atmosphere that is non-intimidating and welcoming to all. We have a very diverse membership base, which makes people feel more at ease.

How is FIT different from, say, joining the YMCA or other gyms in town?

For many of our members, they like the more private, intimate atmosphere that we offer here at FIT. We’re not a big box gym with thousands of members fighting over limited equipment and parking. For most people who work and/or live downtown, we’re convenient, and that’s a big plus. Our smaller size allows us to provide more personalized service than you get at other larger facilities. It’s nice to be able to great members by their first name when they walk into the gym.

What would you say to those who are nervous about joining a gym because of the commitment involved, or because they've been away from working out for so long, or because of the cost involved?

We’ve tried to remove as many barriers as possible to those concerns. First off, we don’t require 12-month or multi-year agreements, like many places in town. We also offer multiple pricing options so people don’t end up paying for something they don’t intend to use.

For more advanced workout enthusiasts, how does FIT tailor training regiments and what special services are available to them?

Our FIT Boot Camp program is targeted to intermediate-to-advanced fitness levels. In those classes we incorporate tractor tire flipping, sledgehammers, battling ropes, kettlebells, agility drills…we try to mix it up each time to avoid boredom and increase muscle confusion. Our personal coaching programs are always tailored to the individual needs and goals.

A monthly gym membership is not required to attend classes at Fit Nashville, however membership packages are available. For more information on the fitness facility and their membership rates, visit them online at:

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