In supernatural drama THE GIRL IN THE WOODS, monsters are real, kept at bay behind a mysterious door in a cult-like colony.

Teenage runaway Carrie's job is to guard that door, but when strange occurrences begin to shake the sleepy mining town to its core, she must enlist the help of new friends Nolan and Tasha.

The group becomes an unlikely trio of monster slayers, determined to save their loved ones. As they fight back, Nolan and Tasha can't help but wonder...can they really trust Carrie? Small towns sure can be Hell.

THE GIRL IN THE WOODS launches Thursday, October 21 on Peacock. All eight episodes will drop at once.

The series is based on Crypt TV's s 2018 short film “The Door in the Woods," which was written and directed by Joey Greene, and the 2020 sequel “The Girl in the Woods," written by David Calbert, Van Nguyen and directed by Roxine Helberg.

Starring Stefanie Scott (Carrie), Misha Osherovich (Nolan), Sofia Bryant (Tasha), Will Yun Lee as (Arthur Dean), Kylie Liya Page as (Sara), Reed Diamond as (Hosea) and Leonard Roberts as (Khalil), the characters have queer dimensions.

Carrie, our titular character, is queer and Nolan's storyline "includes conversation and themes on gender identity."

A kickass monster hunter, Carrie, 17, attempts to bury her tortured past in order to learn what it means to be a so-called normal teen. She is shrewd, clever, and capable of facing the worst monsters with a practiced sense of chill.

Now free from the collectivist society of The Colony where she was raised in a cult-like environment, Carrie finds sanctuary with Tasha, and friendship with Nolan.

On the hunt for any escape from her traumatic past, Tasha jumps at the chance to fight demons by Carrie's side – seeing an opportunity for adventure and weight to her life. Furthermore, she sees in her new friend a different opportunity altogether… that of advancing her TikTok career.

Nolan is the playfully-dressed, deadpan-stoner child of the environmentalists running opposition to the mine company that employs most of the town. In attempt to drown out the dissonance of their gender dysphoria, coupled with the bullying they face from miners, they seek out any way of achieving a DIY high.

When we meet Nolan, they identify as a boy – afraid that coming out as genderqueer would create further ridicule for their family, and be an imposition on Tasha. Like Tasha, they see Carrie's presence in town as a good distraction from all their personal *blech*, and become the third in their monster-fighting trio.

Krysten Ritter (“Jessica Jones") directed the first four episodes, including the pilot and Jacob Chase (“Come Play") directed the last four episodes. Jane Casey Modderno (“The Birch") serves as head writer and the writing team is all women.

Stream The Girl in the Woods here.

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