Having a Peter Pan syndrome and an unending focus on eternal youth and beauty have long been criticisms of the gay community, but we all need to face facts: we all are going to age.

You may have spent your twenties going to circuit parties and your thirties going to HRC Fundraisers, but as you move into your forties and fifties, you may begin to wonder what options you have to socialize with other gay men that don’t involve clubbing until 4 a.m. or putting on a suit to attend a fundraiser only once or twice a year.

The Greater Nashville Prime Timers may have the answer you’re looking for.

Founded in Boston in 1987 by a retired university professor, Prime Timers is a group focused on providing social opportunities for gay men over 40, along with their admirers.

The Nashville chapter was formed in December and is the first in Tennessee, though Prime Timers has over 60 chapters worldwide spread across the United States, Europe, and Australia.

Wresch Dawidjan, President of the Nashville Prime Timers, says he tried to start a chapter three years ago without much luck. Recently, however, Dawidjan saw an opportunity to try again.

“The end of November, OutCentral decided to do a potluck for older gay men,” Dawidjan said. “We gave a presentation saying if there was an interest to please get hold of us. That’s how we got going.” 

Recently, OutCentral held another potluck, and Dawidjan said they gave another presentation, handed out brochures, and highlighted the group’s Web site. However, the group does face some recruiting challenges.

“Of course, we need now to get the word out,” Dawidjan said. “However, many older gay men are still in the closet, but that seems less of a problem now than it was a few years ago.”

Dawidjan said they don’t post any members names on the Web site or use their application for anything other than gathering information about the types of activities the members would like to see offered by the group.

“That way people can join and not feel like their name is going to be broadcast all over the Web,” Dawidjan said.

Dawidjan said the group has a wide variety of interests. The Nashville Prime Timers recently got together a potluck and viewing party for both the Golden Globe and Grammy Awards.

 “We talk about all kinds of things,” he said. “Of course we discussed our favorite movies and actors… but we also talked a bit about politics, a bit about personal things going on in our lives and families. We also discussed what we plan on doing for our upcoming retirements and our personal future plans." 

Group members also chatted about future group events which will likely include concerts, bar nights, antique shows, bowling, the theater, museums, and maybe even a trip to Ashville, N.C., to visit the Biltmore Estate, he said. 

For more information on the Nashville Prime Timers, visit tnprimetimers.org or contact Wresch Dawidjan at wresch@comcast.net.


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