Who doesn’t want to look and feel their best? Everyone, of course, but some segments of the LGBT community are known to raise this pursuit to an art form. Whether it’s the hottest outfit just off the runways of Milan, or a carefully constructed outfit obtained via Herculean thrift store adventures, we’ve shown we have the will to construct our look carefully. And just check our gym membership records! Here’s where Nashville’s LGBT community goes to shape, alter, and cover their bodies, and to find a little furry happiness.


Place to Shop for New Clothes


Now, you may be wondering, how did a tourist-filled outlet mall beat out a luxury department store in an LGBT reader survey? Well, for the true clothes-hound, you can’t beat the price on new, name-brand clothing. From the reasonably priced H&M to the $125-afterthe-sale sweater you picked up off the clearance rack at Saks, there’s something for every style in most every price range. And, of course, for that outdoorsy LGBT person, where else in Nashville can you pick up a (nice) pair of shoes and a bass boat at the same place?


Place to Shop for Used Clothes


Finding the right outfit is a little harder at Goodwill than at Opry Mills, but the greater the effort, the greater the reward. Imagine finding that Calvin Klein shirt you’ve always needed bearing a $4.99 red tag after being abandoned at the dry cleaners (we recommend washing, anyway). Then imagine it’s “red tag items 50% off day”. Sounds good to us, too. Plus, you know that you’re funding training and employment opportunities for people who have trouble finding work.




Dane Young is well known around Nashville’s LGBT community, particularly among Play regulars and drag fans, who may also know him as Kameron Michaels. But our readers also appreciate his work as a skillful stylist and makeup artist at the hip Lucy Pop Salon on Broadway! So, you might want to book your appointments well in advance.


Tattoo Shop


Lone Wolf is just a stone’s throw from the Vanderbilt campus, and on any given day a coed or two will wander in looking to get those Greek letters permanently embossed. But for the tattoo connoisseurs among us, Lone Wolf is THE place to go for that elaborate chest piece you’ve been designing for years. Heck, even our stuffed-shirt print editor, James Grady, got tattoo work done there. Twice.


Gym – Tie!


This year was the battle of the gyms, and when all the dust settled, there was no clear winner. In fact, Planet Fitness and the YMCA ended with a perfect tie!


Pet Services


Well, OF COURSE, the Humane Association won with that Kenneth Tallier, always on TV pimping out those adorable kitty and puppy children. So, if you have the hankering for some animal companionship, before you head down to the mall and feed the puppy mill, remember that there are hundreds of dogs in Metro Nashville alone that need good homes. Some of those dogs would die without homes, were it not for the Humane Society, and you …wouldn’t want that, would you? No dog will ever love you like the dog you rescue, and Nashville Humane Society is our first stop on the path to pet adoption.




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