Love it or hate it, gay bars and clubs form a significant center for LGBT social life in many cities, and Nashville is no exception. We all have our favorite haunt, or haunts, and our favorite bartenders are a huge factor in that. So, in this category, we salute all our contenders, but in the end there can be only one … O&AN GayFaves Bartender.




Joey is an eight-year veteran on the front lines of bartending, and he’s been at Play Nashville for the last five-and-a-half years. When asked about his most memorable moment, Joey responded, Memorable

moments are every weekend when I get to take care of my fun and outgoing customers who make me laugh my ass off!!!” You guys love him, and he loves you back! This doesn’t mean that we’ll get to hold onto him forever, though. “I’m also a singer, so hopefully that’s my next stop when I’m done with bar

tending,” he said. “I’ve performed country and rock, and I’ve done shows in Nashville, Palm Springs, and Vegas. I just started up with a new duo partner, and I’m waiting to hear back from America’s Got Talent’s second round!” We can’t wait to see what Joey’s got in store for us next, but in the meantime, check him out on iTunes and YouTube!




Will has been at Tribe for eight years now, and is one of its most familiar, smiling faces. He was drawn to Tribe hoping to connect with the LGBT community. “I walked into the bar as a closeted and terrified young gay man. There was a bartender working that night named Jimmy. His disarming personality and

genuine interest in my story played a huge role in my coming-out process. I felt like I finally had a place where I could be comfortable being me.” Will is now also a full-time law student, and he found his inspiration at Tribe: “I probably would not have pursued my interest in law school had it not been for the help and encouragement of friend and former Tribe bartender Loy Carney.” Anyone who’s bought a drink from Will knows it’s money well spent. Manager Bud East put it best: “Will is Mr. Customer Service. I think his best attribute would be his wonderful smile served with every drink he makes.”




Timmy is not only one of Stirrup’s favorite bartenders, but for the last three years he has been its sole owner. It’s been a long road though! “I moved to Nashville for a position in a restaurant chain, and after they went belly up, I found a job at Illusions on Donelson Pike. It was only gonna be temporary, but that was fifteen years ago. I guess I am still looking for a real job!” When asked what makes his bar special, Timmy said, “Stirrup is not pretentious: it’s everything from suit-and-tie to tshirt-and-jeans, with a diverse clientele, great food and good drinks, and not too much drama going on!” What more could you ask for?




Sean is a bit shy about even posing for the paper, but he’ll be familiar to Tribe regulars. According to Bud East, a manager at Tribe, “Sean has been with our company for the last 12 years. He has a huge customer base that cannot wait to see him every weekend. He truly cares what his customer like, and tries very hard to give them the best service possible.”



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