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Dana Goldberg

Echo: This is your first time performing at The Dinah, are you excited?

Dana Goldberg. Photo courtesy of Club Skirts presents The Dinah.

Goldberg: I’m stoked. I’ve been there a couple times as a guest. It’s going to be an incredible 25th anniversary; I can’t wait to get out there.

Echo: How do you write material for an all-lesbian crowd?

Goldberg: I think with an all-lesbian audience, you’re basically playing to your community. In order to get people to laugh, they have to be able to relate to your material, so it’s the perfect breeding ground for lesbian material. You feel out your audience and if they’re reacting to the material, you keep it. If not, you change it on the spot and give them what they want.

Echo: How would you describe your comedic style?

Goldberg: Smart and edgy. I can definitely get a little dirty, but I’m not a crass comedienne. My comedy is the kind that will make you laugh when the joke comes out and then repeat it later.

Echo: What’s your background? How did you get started?

Goldberg: When I was 17, I decided to do a 10-minute standup routine for the high school talent show and I won. Whenever anyone asked me what I wanted to be when I was growing up, I said a stand-up comedienne, which was very weird as a child.

Echo: Were you funny as a child?

Goldberg: My kindergarten teacher told my mother I was the funniest five-year-old she had ever met. I was bored and got trouble in class a lot. I think I had a really good sense of humor since I was young.

Echo: What comedians inspire you?

Goldberg: Growing up, I watched a lot of the old comic relief. I still cry whenever I see Robin Williams’ videos or pictures. He was brilliant. And Billy Crystal and Whoopi Goldberg. I kind of studied them not knowing I was studying them. Now it’s my colleagues, like Suzanne Westenhoefer, Gloria Bigelow and Erin Foley and all the brilliant women and men who I learn from, look up to and share a stage with.

Echo: What are your jokes about? What do you like to talk about?

Goldberg: The Dinah is a party weekend, but I’ll definitely hit on politics because of everything that is happening nationally. I’m good at making people laugh at the most serious topics. My family is a very funny Jewish family. My ex-girlfriend and my present girlfriend both come up in my show.

Echo: What other projects are you currently involved with?

Goldberg: I’ve been touring nationally. I do a ton of work with the Human Rights Campaign and I’ll be doing several of their dinners. I’m working on a sitcom pilot that hopefully we’ll be able to take to network at some point.

Echo: Are you going to stay the weekend? What are you looking forward to most?

Goldberg: I’m definitely staying Thursday and Friday. I want to be there for the Meghan Trainor concert.

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