Dallas restauranteurs Trey Stewart and his father Tyler are heading to Colorado for a very special opening. The duo is trying to replicate the success of their LGBTQ+ Dallas bar called Mr. Misster by opening what they're calling a "big brother" site in Denver.

Named Sir, the bar is scheduled to open in October of 2021. Located in one of Denver's downtown historic districts, at 1822 Blake St., Sir will move into a space formerly occupied by a two-decade-old restaurant called Vesta.

Trey and Tyler Stewart | Photo: Sir

The father and son duo were frequent travelers to Denver and fell in love with its charm. So much so, that admiration led to a rental home nearby.

They bonded with the city and realized, according to The Denver Post, they wanted to "plant roots" there. Those roots included LGBTQ inclusion; something Trey is a part of.

“We spent the last year studying the area and the people and figuring out what the Denver LGBTQ community is missing that I can provide,” Trey Stewart said. “There are lots of other great bars there. But there isn’t an LGBTQ bar downtown, and there’s a great community looking for a home here.”

Often going on filming excursions with "The Real Housewives of Dallas" as cast member Stephanie Hollman's assistant, Trey noticed that some restaurants would refuse to let them film. He suddenly came up with the idea to open his own. And with his new love of Denver, the visionary thought it would be a perfect spot.

“My dad owned some restaurants when I was growing up, so we know how fun food can be and how much Denver loves food,” Trey said. “It’s also important to me to have some good food with the previous tenant being such an iconic space for a really good restaurant. So, I definitely didn’t want to flop on that aspect.”

Concept of Sir interior | Photo: Sir

Initially, Sir will have a schedule on weekdays from 4 pm to 2 am, and open at 11 am on Saturdays. Its 4,500 square footage will get design help from designer David Schaich.

The bar will have plenty of cocktails to choose from and a yet-to-be-determined brunch and dinner menu. There is a DJ booth with plans to have drag entertainment for brunch.

Trey says he works well with his dad Tyler; they both have their strengths. Trey's is in the libations department while his dad does the finances, "it’s fun to work with my dad because he’s my best friend.”

That camaraderie has helped the Dallas bar succeed. Tyler often brings in his girlfriend to show support and has even become a sort of father figure to some of the regulars.

Sir is geared mostly to the LGBTQ+ community, but Trey is hoping that its reach will extend beyond that.

“I can build a bar as much as I want, but the community makes it what it is,” he told The Denver Post. “I’m excited to see what Sir turns into and how the Denver community embraces that.”

Header photo courtesy of Trey Stewart: Facebook

Photo courtesy of Erkin Athletics

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