Last month I spoke about my philosophy on style, addressing the most common dilemma for men and women. What are trends for the season and are they actually going to look good on me?

I have good news for all of you! The first wonderful bit of news is the trends for this fall are gorgeous, using dark rich colors such as navy, black, gold and brown. These colors suit most any skin tone and take us back to a more classic feel — always handsome.

In addition, a touch of masculine prints in paisleys and florals are very prominent in ties and shirtings for men and also look great on women. A touch of print can be used to update most everyone’s wardrobe.

The second bit of fall trends is it’s all about classic looks with modern fits … not trendy fits, which is quite refreshing. When styling any of my clients — celebrity or non-celebrity — my best advice is finding the perfect fits over trends any day.

You will always look your best with the right fit for your body type, and then you can add the color of the season or the print of the season, if you choose. It is about expressing who you are through what you wear.

So relax, and don’t feel that you need to look like everyone else. Find out what works for you, and ROCK IT!

If you have trouble getting the right fit, or are not sure even where to start, get some advice from a professional in the clothing world. As a wardrobe stylist, I take measurements on each client and then have them try on clothing to show them what works best for their body type.

Once you have the formula for your body, you will always look your best. And for those of you that already have created your basic wardrobe, start adding in luxurious prints, add a leather piece for the fall, long blazers and overcoats (very “Mad Men”), and, if you feel like you want a little more, shearling trims on coats are very in style right now.

I also suggest investing in a great pair of boots to fit your specific style. You can also never go wrong with a terrific scarf or a fabulous fedora — both of which are easily updated and can completely change your look!

I hope to see these handsome, classic looks spill onto the Red Carpet. I am definitely working in all of the rich colors and prints on my male celebrity clients. I am dressing all of my female clients to exude and elegant and classic look as well, which in turn inspires men to dress the part.

So in all for this Fall, dress up your basic wardrobe with rich colors, elegant prints and classic coats and don't forget to strut your stuff.

Renee Layher is a stylist to the stars and owner of the menswear boutique, The Label, located at 2222 12th Ave. S. in Nashville. Store hours are Tuesday through Saturday, 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Personal styling is available. For private appointments, please call (615) 394-1541.For more information, visit or email

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