Narrated by GAYVN 2020 Best Actor and reigning Performer of The Year Award winner DeAngelo JacksonBeing Black in P*rn follows the lives of four gay men of color as they navigate their way in the adult film industry. Industry icon Rock Rockafella, featured prominently in the film, lives in Chicago.

Through interviews with the men in NYC, Chicago, Las Vegas, and LA, the film examines their unique experiences including their encounters with racism (being cast in servant roles or as thugs; facing white performers who refuse to perform), stereotypes, and inequality (though “BBC films” is one of the most searched terms in p*rn, Black actors report making less money than their white counterparts). 

In addition to behind the camera, Being Black in P*rn delves into the personal lives of the men, exploring the impact their careers have on their private worlds, on social media and in the global Black Lives Matter movement.  

The Being Black in P*rn trailer is premiering world-wide Juneteenth weekend through Noir Male’s Instagram channel here.     

DeAngelo Jackson

“I had to share this story,” says DeAngelo Jackson who in addition to narrating Being Black in P*rn is also the film’s executive producer.  He selected the main cast for the documentary: Rock Rockfella, Dillion Diaz, and Max Konnor. Rockfella, an industry legend, directed DeAngelo’s first scene in adult film.

I had to do this for my fellow brothers and sisters in the entire adult industry. I learned early on that if we don’t stand for something, we will fall for anything. 

DeAngelo Jackson

Jackson is the first Black man to win a GAYVN Best Actor Award in 2020 and most recently claimed the most coveted GAYVN Performer of The Year 2021 title, from the adult film industry’s equivalent to the Oscars. He started his career in 2009 and is now in his third year as Noir Male’s exclusive contract performer. Jackson was born in Germany, raised in Georgia and studied Criminal Justice at Florida State University.  He entered the adult industry as a way to make extra money in college. 

DeAngelo Jackson’s co-executive producer on the film, Dwight Allen O’Neal said: “Our hope is that our documentary creates a better understanding of these men and sends a message to everyone inside and outside of adult film that Black Lives Matter everywhere, in everything, and within every industry.”  

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