The legendary synthpop British music duo were headed to the US, including a stop in Chicago!

ERASURE (Andy Bell and Vince Clarke) announced details of a surprise EP celebrating the kickoff of their UK tour...and they were to be headed stateside, too.

Vince Clarke and Andy Bell

The UK tour kicked off in Glasgow before a series of dates that included a long awaited show at The O2 in London on October 17 with additional special guest Blancmange.

Erasure’s North American tour was to launch on January 14 in Miami before wrapping up in late February at The Venetian in Las Vegas. However, the band has since announced the tour has been postponed.

But while we wait for new tour dates to be announced, give the new record a listen.

Out on CD, limited edition purple cassette(!), and digital platforms, Ne:EP is a five-track companion piece to their latest album, The Neon, with four new tracks sitting alongside “Secrets,” which originally appeared on The Neon Remixed.

The duo, whose first big US hit was "A Little Respect," recently released their eighteenth studio album, The Neon, which went into the UK Official Albums Chart at #4, their highest chart position since I Say I Say I Say, which in turn gets a deluxe 2CD expanded hardback book release on November 5.Out of the pair, keyboardist Vince Clarke is the straight dude, but Andy Bell, the group's upbeat frontman has been openly gay since Erasure began. "We were playing Pride (events) in the late '80s, '86 and '87, and before that I was going to Pride on my own in London," he told press.

That and their enduring electropop sound, following in the footsteps of Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark and Depeche Mode (of which Clarke was a founding member), have made them a solid favorite with the LGBTQ community for decades.

Watch a teaser for Ne:EP here.
Pre-order Ne:EP here.

See the touring itinerary updates at Erasure’s website.


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