It's called the Greatest Hits Tour and while that might not mean much in today's bubble gum pop world, the concept is divine for Sir Elton John. "Mr. Fantastic" brought Nashville to its feet as he barreled through more than 3 hours worth of classic hits last Friday at Bridgestone Arena.

John has spent most of touring hours in 2012 and 2013 making pit stops across the United States in towns he has not visited since the beginning of his career such as Jackson, Mississippi and Kalamazoo, Michigan. However, that was not the case with Nashville, John has made multiple stops in Music City throughout his career.

"Nashville, I've missed you. You always appreciate the art and passion of the music," John said loudly as he stood atop his piano bench.

Watching him work through nearly 3 hours of classics is to be reminded about the quality and quantity of his work with lyricist Bernie Taupin. Together, Taupin and John are one of the legendary songwriting teams in music history. Taupin, who was actually in attendance, joined John on stage to thank the crowd for their support over the years. Taupin's appearance bolstered the crowd into a load roar of excitement for they knew they were witnessing a true musical moment.

Throughout his nearly three hour set, John told stories and shared with the audience the history behind the songs. When John got to his song "Holiday Inn", he told the audience, "When we first started, this seemed to be the only hotel we stayed in while on tour, so I thought 'hey let's write a song about them'. We've seen the good, the bad, and the ugly in multiple rooms across the land."

You could tell by end of his show John had made a connection with nearly 15,000 of his new closest friends. The crowd cheered as John left the stage only after he signed autographs for those lucky enough to be within reach of the legend.

He took to the piano solo to leave the audience with one of his biggest hits of his career, "Your Song." As I took a survey throughout the crowd I noticed one thing, diversity. Yes, there were gays there were married couples reliving their youth and even high school kids in attendance. This all proving one thing that John's career transcends all generations.

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