DJ Killa Chris’s new playlist [CLICK HERE FOR PLAYLIST] of his top ten tracks for this week includes The Midnight's "Ghost in Your Stereo" - and much more!


Galantis, JVKE - Dandelion - Carneyval Remix

While I like the original, this remix is so much fun. It’s a lot more upbeat and the buzzing bassline will definitely get you in the mood to dance.


Claptone - Zero

Claptone’s new track tech house track has everything you want in a good dance song. With a mesmerizing bassline, creeping plucks, and dark vocals we will be hearing this song and different iterations of it throughout the year.


The Midnight - Ghost in Your Stereo

Synthwave group The Midnight just released a new EP “Horror Show”. Ghost in Your Stereo is my favorite track from the EP because I love the driving bassline.


juuku, Manila Killa - Just Lost

The piano, vocals, and strings in this track are quite beautiful. When the beat comes in it is so high energy. I love when producers find a good way to


Bow Anderson - New Wave - James Hype Remix

This is a really solid house remix The arpeggio and pads are so perfectly crafted to create so much hype throughout this track.


Ferry Corsten, Ruben de Ronde - Bloodstream

I’ve always loved Ferry and Ruben’s productions and Bloodstream is a perfect example why. The way they mimic the bassline with the vocal when the chorus hits is just so clever.


Last Heroes - Getaway (feat. Lunis)

The vocals and strings are gorgeous on this tune. The buildups and drops hit so hard. They remind me of Seven Lions in all the right ways.


Justin Bieber - Somebody

When I first heard this track I thought “I wonder if Skrillex produced this?” and I was correct. Any time he and Bieber collaborate it is gold.


Whethan - Upside Down (feat. Grouplove) - Flux Pavilion Remix

As a fan of Grouplove and Flux Pavilion I was really excited to listen to this remix. Flux Pavillion’s fluttering synths and warbled guitar really compliment Christian’s vocals wonderfully.


Kura, Vedenzo - Meant To Be

The syncopated bass line and melodies create so much hype every time the beat comes back on this song.

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