DJ Killa Chris’s new playlist [CLICK HERE FOR PLAYLIST] of his top ten tracks for this week includes Lose My Mind" by Surf Mesa (feat. Bipolar Sunshine) - and much more!


Dillon Francis & 220 KID - Unconditional ft. Bryn Christopher

The vocals on this song are so good. The bass and piano are upbeat and compliment the infectious vocals well.

ARTY - One Night Away

I always love Arty’s productions. The guitar really sticks out the most to me on this song.

Seven Lions - Wild And Broken (feat. RBBTS)

Everything about this song is stellar. The vocals are great with the chanting at the end. The melody is unique and catchy but when the bass comes in it hits so good.

SIDEPIECE - Together - Guz Remix

This house track is so smooth. I love the way the vocals are doubled at certain syllables it creates so much energy in a clever way.

Nora En Pure - Aquatic

This song is beautiful. The sound design and all the uses of horns just creates such an immersive feeling. Every new release just makes me love her music more.

Wyles - Body Groove (feat. Crystxl King)

I love it when someone makes soulful house really well. The chord progression of the piano compliments the vocals so well and the beats are stellar.

Polo & Pan - Tunnel

I have been a massive fan of Polo & Pan since my husband first introduced me to Dorothy. Their new single is part of their 2nd album “Cyclorama” coming out  June 25th!

Durante, Amtrac - Gather

Durante and Amtrac have created a crazy good deep house track. The textures in this are really something else. The vocals go so well with all the different conga drums.

San Holo - i get lonely around people too

This is probably my favorite track on San Holo’s new album “bb u ok?” When the beat comes in with the warbled vocals layered with strings it is breathtaking.

Surf Mesa - Lose My Mind (feat. Bipolar Sunshine)

I love the sound design around the vocals on this song.

Killa Chris has been DJing in Nashville since 2010. Finding good music has always been a passion of Killa Chris’s. So every week he is going to share some of the newest tracks from popular producers and unknown artists from all over the world.

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