DJ Killa Chris’s new playlist [CLICK HERE FOR PLAYLIST] of his top ten tracks for this week includes "Just One Groove" by Yotto - and much more!

THE LIST featuring Yotto:

Dennis Sheperd - We Are One (Denis Kenzo Remix)

The buzzing bassline is really fun.  I love the haunting vocals especially during the chorus.

Siege - Reach Out (Michael Gray & Dr Packer Remix)

What a fun nu disco remix. The orchestral instruments add so much flavor.  The vocals are phenomenal and I love the lyrics.

Louis The Child - Keep On Moving (with NEZ feat. Theophilus London)

There is so much energy in the chorus. The beats throughout are so smooth but the chorus makes me want to move my feet.

ILLENIUM and Matt Maeson - Heavenly Side

The chorus on this track is really catchy. I really like the mix of vocals and guitar throughout and the reverse echo on the vocals when it gets more intense is a nice touch.

CAL - In the Water (with Quinn XCII / Party Pupils Remix)

The bass on this track is so funky. The way the vocals are manipulated is really well done. There are so many little subtle sound design tricks that add a lot of texture.

Yotto - Just One Groove

This song is on Yotto’s new EP “Songs You Might Remember from Some Parties”. The whole thing is brilliant and this is my favorite track from it.

Sigrid - Mirror - (Zookëper Remix)

The stragne gliding synth always grabs my attention throughout the song.

Syn Cole - Drive

Sync Cole always makes really good dance music. The vocal manipulation during the chorus is magical. It’s blended in with the bass line and guitar to perfection.

Regard - You - (KC Lights Remix)

The piano on this tune is so infectious and I love the vocoder on top of the vocals during the chorus.

Major Lazer - Titans (feat. Sia & Labrinth) - Major Lazer VIP Remix

The vocals on this song are just so brilliant. I love when Sia works with Labrinth and Diplo.

Killa Chris has been DJing in Nashville since 2010. Finding good music has always been a passion of Killa Chris’s. So every week he is going to share some of the newest tracks from popular producers and unknown artists from all over the world.

You can find DJ Kill Chris' original productions on SoundCloud or Audius - and listen to his live and prerecorded mix sets on MixCloud. And of course visit OUTvoices Nashville for more of DJ Killa Chris’ weekly playlists!

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