Roland Emmerich would never include these many cock jokes in a disaster film. That's basically the premise for This is the End. The raunchy and over the top comedy features Seth Rogen and his merry posse playing themselves during the end of times. 

The premise is that Jay Baruchel (you may remember him from The Sorcerer's Apprentice) visits Seth Rogen in Hollywood. Baruchel, who grew up with Rogen in Canada, has never taken a liking to Rogen's new LA friends. The pair end up at a party at James Franco's house when God's wrath is unleashed. After the brutal deaths of Rihanna, Aziz Ansari and others, the only ones left at the party are Rogen, Franco, Baruchel, Danny McBride, Craig Robinson and Jonah Hill.

It actually comes as a surprise how religious the movie is. If it weren't because it's really funny, you might expect to see Kirk Cameron in the producer credits. 

All the actors, of course, play a cartoonish version of themselves. More than any of their previous movies, This is the End references Pineapple Express. In fact, while they're waiting for the "end" to come, the actors decide to film a sequel to the stoner movie. In a GQ interview, Franco says the premise they use is a real one they were thinking about using for an actual sequel.

If you saw and remember Pineapple Express, you'll recall the homoerotic overtones throughout. The is the End continues that with even bigger, more epic proportions. 

It's a comedy full of big laughs and thrills. In fact, you find yourself laughing at some pretty graphic death scenes. It's quite clear that the movie was written and acted by a bunch of friends who like to make each other laugh. Get ready for a long list of cameos. To name them would ruin the surprise. 

If there's anything This is the End teaches you is that actors will be of no help during the apocalypse. They may have looks and money (well, some of them anyway), but they are pampered egos with absolutely no common sense, with very comedic results. That being said, when the end comes, wouldn't you want to die laughing?

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