Have you ever been in a situation where you felt powerless? Where it seemed that someone else was in control of YOUR life? Where you felt like you had no choice in anything?

Well, of course we ALL have.

The simple truth is that it's NOT true! We are not powerless! We have much more influence in our own lives than we sometimes realize. We obviously can't control everything and if we could...that would be WAY too much work. People that want to control everything scare me anyway.

What I'm talking about is this...owning our own power. This means taking responsibility for who you are and making decisions that support who you want to be and what you want to see happen in your own life. That's right, folks...I'm talking about reclaiming your power!

We sometimes think that it's easy to "go with the flow" and "let things happen" and there is a time for that, indeed. However, sometimes it is necessary to CREATE the flow and MAKE things happen.

Timing is crucial, of course. It is wisdom and humility that cue us in on the timing of things and if we will all just be still for a while and give ourselves a little quiet time to reflect on matters, we will always come up with a solution to our problems. It's easy to get caught up in the flow of the world and other people's drama but it doesn't help us to help ourselves, does it? It only becomes a distraction to our own truth that we must inevitably face.

The good news is that the sooner we face our own truth, the sooner we connect with our own lives which brings us closer to true fulfillment. Okay, then...that's not so bad is it? Think about it...we can take the lead in our own lives to make things happen that bring us closer to happiness, if that's what we really want...and we DO have to want it. It is a decision that we must make daily. There are those who don't REALLY want happiness because they are caught up in being the "victim." They think this psychology works for them. Guess what? It doesn't! It only gets them some sympathetic attention from others for a short time until people get sick of hearing all the whining. Do YOU know anyone like that?

I have a friend who used to always carry a small, smooth stone with him. I thought that it was a worry stone until he explained to me what it really was.

He told me that this stone represented his "power." Whenever he was around other people, he would sometimes hand this stone to someone and ask them to hold onto it until he asked for it back. He did this, he said, whenever he realized he had figuratively given his power to that person. In this way, by giving the stone to the person, it made him more aware of what he had done.

Whenever he was ready to reclaim his power, he would go back to the person and ask for it back. I thought this was a clever way to keep himself aware of his own process. Do whatever works for you! Make life happen and remember..."There are no successful victims"!!!

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