Clear Channel Radio’s on line division today announced the latest addition to its repertoire of exclusive and on-demand content: programs aggregating a wide range of related content elements, all available on demand. First up are programs serving fans of auto racing and the gay/lesbian community. 

Race Day, launching in early January to coincide with the start of the NASCAR racing season, is expected to be available across the country on more than 500 radio station Web sites. A preview of the program’s content starts with the debut of Rascal Flatts’ exclusive stripped performance on over 215 of the company’s radio station Web sites. Pride on Demand launched on November 28 in its first 12 markets, including Miami, New York, Chicago and Honolulu.

Both programs offer new opportunities for national advertisers and local sponsors to reach Clear Channel Radio’s over nine million unique monthly visitors. This includes content sponsorships, 5, 10 and 15-second pre-rolls, in-stream audio ads, IAB display ads, and local search placed above national Google results. National advertisers already include American Express, AOL, New Line Cinema, Olay, Washington Mutual and dozens more. Local sponsors currently include Arby’s, Cable One, Fontana Nissan, McDonalds, PC Richard & Sons, and thousands more.

“Our listeners represent a wide range of lifestyles and interests, and they expect content on their terms. We’ll continue to expand our roster of on-demand programming to meet their needs” said Evan Harrison, executive vice president of Clear Channel Radio and head of the company’s on line unit. “For example, we are genuinely excited to present Perez Hilton’s unique brand of celebrity gossip to our gay and lesbian audiences.”

Pride On Demand features Ryan & Caroline, celebrity gossip and style

Programmed by members of the gay and lesbian community, Pride On Demand features a tremendous amount of content beyond music, including entertainment news, photo galleries, music videos, exclusive artist performances, and the “Ryan and Caroline” weekly radio show. Celebrity gossip from Perez Hilton, fashion tips from celebrity stylist Phillip Bloch, and “Guests of the Hour” such as Janice Dickinson, Margaret Cho, Joan Collins and Carson Kressley are also featured.

“We are committed to developing new talent. Ryan and Caroline are a great example… they’re radio’s Will & Grace,” said Jared Cohen, manager, Clear Channel Content Research and Development. “Pride reflects their unique sensibility, celebrating pop culture and all things entertainment.”

From celebrity interviews to gossip to comments on the latest trends, Ryan and Caroline give Pride a cheeky and fresh spin. The hosts were previously best known for their popular blog and have produced for Bravo, VH1 and the Jerry Springer Show.

Pride is available on demand and via streaming in 12 markets. The audio channel is currently available on HD digital radio multicasts in Chicago, Hartford, Miami and West Palm Beach. Additionally, the Ryan & Caroline weekly two-hour program will be available via terrestrial radio in over five markets starting January 2007. Visit

Race Day taps 75 million auto racing fans

Launched in cooperation with the producers of the Race Day on Fox terrestrial radio program and Web site, Race Day will feature news and rumors, stats and schedules, exclusive photos, and behind-the-scenes information from the world of NASCAR. Fans will be able to access insider interviews,  podcasts and a 24/7 audio stream of Race Day Radio, featuring spoken-word racing content and a mix of Classic and Active rock music.

“Auto racing is much more than a sport,” said Eric Siebert, who oversees the program. “It’s a lifestyle for more than 75 million fans in the U.S.”

Cross-media advertising packages of streaming ads and banner/display ads are already proving popular with national brands at the national sponsorship and local level.

About Clear Channel Radio’s On line Music & Radio Unit

A division of Clear Channel Radio, this unit is focused on bringing terrestrial radio listeners on line to the Web sites of the company's network of approximately 1,100 radio stations. Over nine million unique visitors per month choose Clear Channel Radio's on line and on-demand music programming, which now includes videos of signature in-studio performances as well as live concerts, exclusive access to new releases and a full podcast roster of top-rated radio segments. More than 600 Clear Channel Radio station Web sites, including all of the company's stations in the top 25 markets, stream terrestrial broadcasts on line. Over 950 Clear Channel Radio station sites are live with redesigned interfaces, extending to the Internet, the company's focus on improving the value of radio through less clutter.

This article has been republished from Out & About Nashville, and was part of a series of first-person pieces written by the late Bobbi Williams.

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