By David-Elijah Nahmod, April 2016 Web Exclusive.

"It is great to see our diverse communities growing and having the kind of rights we deserve," said Alana Perrotti, lead singer of Chasin' A Butterfly. "We are excited to perform at Pride in a time when our community is growing and diversity is becoming the norm."

The four members of Chasin' A Butterfly will take the Phoenix Pride festival's Bistro Stage at 7 p.m. April 2.

"I guess we will let the cat out of the bag now, we do have some members that are openly gay in the band ... we like girls, "she said referring to herself and Aeimee Gloria Diaz aka Hazard, the band's bass player.

According to Perrotti, Chasin' A Butterfly seeks to convey feeling and healing with their music.

"We are trying to create something beautiful and delicate," she explained. "Something that people feel and music that helps people to heal. We want our music to hit those that are searching and needing medicine, something to give them hope. Every person in our band hasn’t had an easy road. We are all standing, and grateful for where we are, living this beautiful life."

According to Perrotti, the band gets its name from her unique and flowing musical writing style.

"Sometimes high, sometimes low, sometimes fast, but mostly slow," she said. "The players in the band felt like they were on this musical wave, chasing a butterfly. The name signifies a new direction, love, hope and of course transformation."

Perrotti told us a little bit about each of her bandmates, starting with herself.

"We have our lead singer, songwriter, Alana Perrotti, who goes by the nickname Ma," Perrotti said, speaking in the third person. "She grew up here in Arizona and music was always more of a dream than a reality. She was forbid as a kid to listen to music like Janis Joplin and other strong female vocalists that eventually were the badass singers who helped to guide her vocal inspirations. She started teaching herself music a couple years ago in order to write music and perform."

Her journey brought her to meet Hazard.

"Hazard was born and raised in Los Angeles," Perrotti said. "Her eldest brother moved in the early '80s, jamming on a regular with his band, exposing Hazard to music. Her brother encouraged her to play the bass so they could be in a band together. With thrill and glee in her eye she went to her music teacher Mr. Ross and told him she wanted to play bass. Mr. Ross asked to see her hand and after review of this small 4th grader's hand, he gave her a violin and she played it for two years. Entering junior high school Mr. Ross had promised her the bass, an upright. She played it for three years in orchestra."

But then tragedy struck, and Hazard lost the desire to play after her younger brother died.

"Thirty-some years later Hazard met a newly released felon who helped her see life through his eyes," Perrotti explained. "Music had found her again. She quickly learned to play bass guitar and soon after was in a band performing with her eldest brother and sister, The 45 Spindles. Hazard, with the desire of always being in an all-girl band, used the power of the mind, believing it would one day happen, and so it has."

There are also two men who make up the Chasin' A Butterfly foursome.

"[Rayzor Pizarro] is from New York and played the clubs for 10 years before moving out to Arizona in 2002," Perotti said, describing the band's lead guitarist. "His style of guitar play brings the band beautiful riffs and melodies that carry the songs into a musical ecstasy."

Michael Porter, "porter pounder," is the band's drummer.

"He is not just a drummer in this band but also helps to structure and write songs as well," Perotti  said. "He has been an integral part of putting these original songs together."

Perrotti added that Chasin' A Butterfly's musical style was unlike anything else we might hear today.

"Ma brings a vocal filled with passion and makes you feel every word she is expressing," she said. "Rayzors riffs on the guitar make you feel the notes deep in your soul. Michael puts it all together and makes us feel it all through the beat and Hazard gives us some deep emotional play, but she also brings the band some style and swag! In our music we want to have fun and make people feel good."

According to Perrotti, Phoenix Pride festival attendees can expect to hear original tunes, though they may throw in a cover or two.

For more information on Chasin' A Butterfly, like them on Facebook.

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