One of this July’s most memorable events was the passing of the Dixie Belle Warehouse Complex, better known to its habitués as The DB. On Sunday July 2nd, she closed her doors for good—but not before a weekend of partying the likes of which this town has not seen in many a moon. Johnny P. predicted, correctly, that we would “drink the place dry!” Of the 100 pictures I took, only a couple would pass the censors. Early on I found a spot at the patio bar and simply “Camped Out,” Thanks to my good friend, Blake, who had already staked out a a place for us!”. When I finally decided to remove myself from the premises, the hour was approaching 3 AM, far past this old girl’s bedtime. Beyond the debauchery, on Saturday night there was a very touching retrospective with the history of the DB illustrated with a slide presentation, thanks to Michael B, that also brought back many memories.
Johnny P, owner of the DB, informed me that they will be back, probably in a venue closely resembling the original DB. Although the latest location was impressive in its size, unfortunately unless there were at least 500 people inside, the bar still seemed empty. Intimacy was lost. During Sunday beer busts, I always sought the patio bar because of the closer atmosphere and that delicious bartender Damon. Sadly, last year when a reporter for The Pitch supposedly witnessed an “oral sex act” in the upstairs bar, things began to change for the worse. I wish my good friend Johnny P. and all those who have been associated with the DB the very best, and let us hope that will indeed include another bar.
When July 13th came I turned “another year older and deeper in debt,” as Tennessee Ernie Ford says in “Sixteen Tons.” On July 8th, my friends marked the occasion with a luau party that defies description. We enjoyed all the Miller Lite and Parrott Bay products so generously provided by my friends at Miller High Life Sales began to take effect. The highlight (low light?) of the party had to be the sarong/grass skirt contest after a scrumptious dinner that included at least 100 lbs of BBQ pork provided by my sister from Des Moines, Mitch or Mimi, as you prefer. I am getting too old for this, how old you ask?, Well. how does that Paul McCartney song go “Will you still need me, will you still love me when I’m…….”
On July 12th, I was honored to be invited to a preview of the new Starlight Theater office and rehearsal complex, including a tour backstage where “Dr. Doolittle” was to be performed. My friend Evie and I had an extra treat when Tommy Tune, the star, appeared to be inducted into the “Starlight Walk of Fame.” Here is a picture of me drooling as Tommy signed my copy of the show poster. (see picture) Considering the stature of this man in musical theater, he was very personable to each of us. I did have one unasked question: How well does Tommy know the blond-haired gentleman who was selling those wonderful prints during intermission?” The performance was superb. Thanks to Cindy J and Jill in marketing for the invite.
On Sunday, July 14th, Tootsie’s played host to a send-off party for all the KC participants in the Gay Games in Chicago the following week. Most of the athletes participants were in attendance, complete with blue sports jackets generously provided by our friends John Kane and Miller Lite. Flo performed for the crowd and then introduced a varied assortment of talent to help raise money for Team KC. If you haven’t been down to Tootsie’s for the Flo Show on Sunday night, shame on you! It’s like the show Flo used to perform at the Cabaret, but much more comfortable because Tootsie’s has more tables and chairs for people like this old tired queen.
Mark your calendars, girls,for the Labor Day weekend MGRA (Missouri Gay Rodeo Association) event at the Wyandotte County Fair Grounds. If this year is anything like last year, a great time will be had by spectators as well as participants. I never had as much trouble getting my tricks to put their underwear back on as those boys had in the goat-dressing contest! Dress in your finest cowboy drag, grab your partner, and allemande off to the fairgrounds for a heck of a good time.
September 8th, Save Inc. will present its benefit, Corroboree, which will again be held at the Kansas City Zoo. Hop on the zoo train to the Australian area to feast on delicious foods and drink, the abundant refreshments provided as always by Miller Lite; then dance the night away under the stars. A silent auction will give those of us who can’t pass up a bargain an opportunity to unload our pocket books.
Just in: Mickey B, owner of The Edge Bar in Springfield, tells me that on September 16th the bar will host the first-ever “Mr. Gay Missouri Pageant FMI” (female-male impersonator). The Edge has been serving the Springfield LGBT community for over nine years and they would like to see some contestants from the KC area. So, calling all Drag Kings for a trip to Springfield that weekend. You can find The Edge bar’s address and phone on the Miller Lite bar page in the back of this issue. Mickey assures me that you will not be disappointed.
The passing of DB and Belle Starr’s Opals leaves something of a void on Sundays. Missie B’s and at least one other bar have applied for Sunday licenses and should soon be ready to take up the slack. Stay tuned for further developments.

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