Nashville’s kings, queens and everyone in between have a new place to enjoy a drink and a show with the opening of the Brick House Bar and Grill.

At 701 4th Ave. South, the two-story nightclub is a bit apart from the community’s other nightlife venues, something that its owners see as a positive.

“I had been hearing from people that they were looking for another outlet, and wanted to go to a place that wasn’t right by all the others,” said Cat Daddi, who along with Bunchie B. makes up Brick House Entertainment, the management team for the new club. “And since our grand opening on June 24 we’ve been received by the community at an alarming rate, so we’re just really excited about everything.”

The large venue has a full kitchen, allowing for menu service during regular hours and also for full-service private rentals, as well as a daily happy hour, free buffet and valet parking. It is smoke-free, and for ages 18 and up.

The Brick House is offering different types of entertainment on every evening, adding another option for local club goers, Daddi said.

“We wanted to unite the rainbow community under one umbrella, to host different events on different nights for each segment of that community,” she said. “That was the idea that got us pulling everything tighter, and moving forward with what would become the Brick House.”

Among the hosts, performers and DJ’s taking the stage are Devin Saviyon (Mondays), Jane Dupree (Tuesdays) and Veronika Electronika (Thursdays). The dancers from nearby Arrow swing by on Fridays and Sundays, and a comedy night is in the works for Wednesdays.

“We also have shows on Saturdays, and are always looking to expand what we have every night of the week,” Daddi said. “We want to see real unity at this venue, and we think people are happy to have another alternative as far as weekly entertainment goes, and more days to enjoy that entertainment on.”

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