By Hans Pedersen, October 2016 Issue.


In theaters Sept. 23 | R | 96 minutes

Nick Jonas and James Franco star in this movie that’s devoid of gay content, but simply bristling with homoeroticism. The movie follows 19-year-old Brad (Ben Schnetzer), who’s enrolling in the same college that his brother, Brett (Jonas), is a fraternity member. Brad is recovering from a beating after a random attack, but pledges his brother’s frat in the hopes of getting protection and popularity. Soon Brett must watch his younger brother getting subjected to an increasingly brutal series of graphic hazing rituals, until tragedy strikes at the frat house. Expect plenty of booze, bare-chested male bonding and even the use of food to simulate fellatio with blindfolded frat pledges.

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The Dinah

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Michael Feinstein

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Gilles Toucas

Michael Feinstein will commemorate Judy Garland’s life on March 20 at Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts.

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