By Nate Whitten, October 2015 Issue.

When you look at pictures and read stories of people who have successfully transformed their body, do you find yourself becoming motivated to make the same kind of changes?

How about the infomercials with the “rags-to-riches” entrepreneur who now has all he ever dreamed of and touts that by purchasing his plan for wealth and happiness, you can too!

Very few of us ever really follow through with the steps outlined in the get-rich-quick workbook (that is now collecting dust under the nightstand). The reason this happens is because this type of media is designed to play on your emotions in order to get you purchase the “life-changing” workout video or meal plan.

Every successful entrepreneur will tell you that the goal is the “win.” It’s not the money, it’s not the fame – it’s having a strategic plan to get to the next plateau of successful winning. It only makes sense then, that if you apply some of these strategies that business owners use to your life, you’ll end up achieving the “win” in a healthy and sustainable way.

Here are nine ways to get the win, whether it’s at work, at the gym or at life goals in general:

1. Get Organized

To be successful in business, organization is critical to completing tasks and staying on top of things. When you go through your day unorganized, you’ll end up doing whatever is easiest. That will not get you where you want to be.

Similarly, wandering around the gym, unfocused for an hour does not count as working out. Organize your workout, your day, your grocery list. Write down your plan for the day or the week, and check off items as you’ve completed them.

2. Keep Detailed Records

All successful businesses keep detailed records, by doing the same you’ll know where your business stands financially and what potential challenges you could be facing. The same applies to your body.

Keeping record of how much weight you’ve lifted, and how many reps, will be a good gauge to keep your momentum moving upward. When you’re tired and feeling slight, you’ll be more likely to forget that you are capable of moving around an extra 20 pounds on the dead lift.

If you are hoping to adjust your caloric intake, you will not be able to have accurate measurements unless you keep records. The Three Musketeers candy bar may have less fat and, in a moment of weakness, you go for that on the run. But by the time you’re sitting down for dinner and contemplating whether or not you can afford that second glass of wine, you’ve forgotten all about the candy bar (oops!).

3. Analyze Your Competition

Competition breeds the best results. To be successful, you can’t be afraid to study and learn from your competitors. After all, they may be doing something right that you can implement in your own business.

Analyzing your competition doesn’t mean you have to become what they are. It allows you the opportunity to see what is and is not working for them. Competing isn’t about being a better carbon copy of the blonde-haired, blue-eyed twink getting all the glances. It’s being the hot brunette daddy with mysterious brown eyes that steals the attention away from the competition.

7. Prepare to Make Sacrifices

Starting a business is hard work, and after the doors open, your work has just begun. You’ll most likely have to put in more hours than you would if you were working for someone else. And be prepared to make sacrifices, such as spending less time with family and friends, in order to be successful.

When it comes to your body, sacrifices like cutting out all sugar may be overwhelming and leave you feeling like a failure if you give in to temptation. Setting yourself up for success means being realistic in your goals and your timeline and the sacrifices you have to make.

9. Be Consistent

Consistency creates positive habits that will help your business succeed over the long term. And your life and your fitness plan are just as important as your business.

As old habits are replaced with new ones, you’ll find that your entire lifestyle is now geared toward making decisions that contribute to helping you get to the win. The chaos of emotions will no longer be your driver; rather it will be your functional and well-organized approach to success that will get you what you’re really striving for. Whether it’s your business, your body or your life, you will be successful.

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