By Nate Whitten, Jan. 15, 2015.

Are you one of those individuals who have been drawn into the dream of obtaining what has recently been referred to as the “thigh gap”? In the straight community, this has been mainly directed toward the body imaging of women. However, for our colorful and expressive community, the crossover has led even some of the male population to strive for the mostly unobtainable space between the thighs that is nothing more than unnecessarily unobstructed airflow for

“the boys.”

While most of my encounters are with men who prefer beefier thighs, and the women I have discussed the gap with are generally looking for more toned than tiny legs, there are some who persist in creating a gap, at a usually unhealthy expense.

The reality is that the gap is dependent on the skeletal structure of th e individual and not the muscle or fat that surrounds the femur. In the fitness industry, we’re hoping that the thigh gap trend will move on faster than the Sketchers Shape-Ups or Vibram FiveFingers, here are some things you can do to get what you REALLY want: strong legs that help put the motion in your partner’s ocean.

Focus on the Adductors

These are the muscles on the inside of your thigh. Most people forget about these muscles when at the gym because the quads and hamstrings are boring enough to workout. But seeing as these are the muscles that impact your thigh gap the most, you may want to consider giving them some attention.

The best exercises for the adductors are generally squeezing type exercises. You’ll see people using the machine at the gym that looks something like a gynecological contraption. It is affectionately referred to as the “Saturday Night Special.” You’ll also see people getting results lying on the floor and squeezing a big ball between their legs – that’s generally referred to as a Balance Ball or Swiss Ball. But I see where you’re mind is going here (as it should). Sexy legs are enhanced by toned and strong adductors and they’re all the better for getting you in a head lock my dear!

Address the Abductors

These muscles are on the outside of your thigh; you may have been referring to them as your “saddlebags.” When weak and soft, these muscles are what create the “inverted thigh gap” on the outside of your hips when forced down the leg of your skinny jeans. This is more than just cellulite, its neglected muscle. So, try using the machine next to the adductor machine, it works in a converse manner.

By putting weight stress to the opening of your legs, you’ll discover a few things. First, it’s not as difficult as you thought to keep those legs closed. Secondly, pulling away with the leg will affect your glutes in a good, good way. And thirdly, you’ll tone down by tightening the muscle, and have a more naturally balanced leg.

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You’re bones and muscles are what they are. You can increase the size of your muscle and you can keep it toned. Your skeleton is your frame and it is relatively small and light already. The problem you are having with your missing thigh gap is in part because of the layer of fat that covers your muscles. Once you’re muscles are sufficiently toned, healthy and worked out, they’re waiting to be uncovered.

Fat is distributed throughout your body (sometimes appearing uneven) and cannot be targeted for distribution without surgery. Therefore, by combining a more balanced diet with calorie-burning exercise you’ll discover that the layer of fat around your legs, hips, arms, chest, neck, face, butt and even the soles of your feet will also become more naturally fitting to your body.

Your lack of a thigh gap may be the perfect body shape for you – this will be the look that never goes out of style. Keep this in mind as you see the new body image fads in the year ahead. Remember to take care of yourself in a healthy and natural way this year and you’ll be much happier with the results. Proper exercise and nutrition will always give you the perfect body. It’s that simple.

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