By Ellen Angelico

DJ Kimberly S tours the world spinning records at some of the hottest parties from Brazil to Beijing and everywhere in between. A woman of diverse interests, she’s also a black belt.

"I recently opened my very own martial arts studio in Hollywood called Kick! Martial Arts," she says. "We specialize in a blended style of Taekwondo that encompasses Hapkido and Kuksoolwon as well. We also have an extremely popular Kickboxing program. It's been my dream and I'm loving every minute of it!"

So how does this fit in with being an in-demand, world famous DJ?

"I'm still DJing full steam ahead, and just recently played in Bangkok, Thailand for Song Kran, which is the Thai New Year," says Kimberly. "It was an absolutely amazing party! As soon as I returned home, I had to fly up to Vancouver for a gig at Celebrities."

Obviously, Kimberly is a very busy lady. She’s worked on numerous records, including three compilations for Centaur Music, the disc Rapture on Frank Abraham’s AM label, and her own compilation CD called Music to Wear for Andrew Christian’s men’s clothing line. She’s appeared on television on the WB hit show Charmed, as well as in national photo spreads for the John Paul Mitchell Systems hair care line. The secret to her success? She says it’s all about setting goals: "It’s the best way to get what you want out of life - and it really works!"

Kimberly started her now vast music career out humbly as a buyer for retail music chains. It was in this capacity that she met a local DJ and cut him a deal on new singles in exchange for mixing lessons. She practiced and hustled (in the same club for eight years!) and word eventually spread of her prowess. While headlining at Girlbar in L.A., Kimberly met Jeffrey Sanker, who recruited her for "Factory Saturdays," the most popular night at L.A.’s largest gay disco.

Her career has continued to grow since, but not without some resistance. 

“I often felt that there were some people that didn’t take me seriously because I was a woman," Kimberly says. "I definitely felt that I had to prove myself as a woman who could hold her own against the male DJs."

Arguably, she has more than proved herself, playing at some of the largest parties in the United States. She’s played at Miami’s Winter Party, Chicago’s Fireball, Orlando’s One Mighty Party, and Mardi Gras in New Orleans. Additionally, from 2004 to last year she’s headlined international tours in the Philippines, Taipei, Bangkok, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Brazil, and Mexico.

At the heart of this crazy schedule is a deep appreciate for music.

"I am a lover of house music in its purest form," Kimberly explains. "House and Dance integrates all different genres into its flow, and as a result, it enables people to feel an array of different emotions: joy, love, nostalgia, inhibition, passion… I want my sets to serve it all to my fans on the dance floor."


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