Aries. 3-21 to 4-19
First of all happy birthday. This is your month to get out of the house or even better get out of state and take a vacation. Spring is in the air so it’s a time to come out of hibernation. It’s a high energy month for you so address all those things that you’ve wanted to get done or do. It’s important to focus on the self and what your needs are. Your hormones are very much alive, so assert yourself and go after whom you want. I’ve never known an Aries not to get what they went after. The New Moon on the fifth falls in your sign. This will create the moment to define your intentions for the rest of the year. Take time to listen to others, this will cause them to respect and support your endeavors

Taurus. 4-20 to 5-20
I know you’re the rock of the Zodiac and not real flexible to change but this month and this year is filled with opportunities if you can get off that couch. You should feel like there’s a shift in the air so break out of the routine your in and follow your instinct. Start out by eating at different restaurants and going to new places. Key words reform the life. You don’t have to do this overnight, take your time; you’ve got the rest of the year. This is a time to think about disassembling the self and then put yourself back together in a new and better way. You’re still going to be stable and reliable but with a new definition of what you want in life and who you want in your life.

Gemini. 5-21 to 6-21
After last month this month is going to be oh so refreshing. Life starts to move forward. Finally, some movement in the life. Try and plan some things to do around the New Moon on the fifth. Take a break and rearrange your schedule and do things that you want to do. The last thing you want to do is sit still this month. Get out with friends and do some dancing. Change basic things in life so instead of the bedroom try the backseat of the car. It’s a great month to be impulsive to the point of being careless. Take the fantasy out of your mind and put it in this third dimension. It’s also that time of the year in which your bored with the home so get to the store and buy some paint and try to be financially conservative in buying things for the home. You can’t afford to change all that you want.

Cancer. 6-22 to 7-22
It’s going to be one of those months in which others do not return your phone calls. That can change your attitude about them real fast. Good thing there’s make up sex so all is forgiven. Work lightens up so you have more time to do some spring-cleaning and begin to bring changes into your home. You’ll have an attitude about wanting it all done yesterday so be very deliberate here and take time to plan these changes carefully. Get out with friends or a loved one for dinner and conversation. There’s a Full Moon on the 20th in the sign of Scorpio. Make sure you get out and socialize, the spotlight is on you. Everyone wants your name and number as well as one of them may get your heart beating when your eyes meet. You may want to follow through with this and see what’s it’s all about.

Leo. 7-23 to 8-23
There seems to be a lot of long awaited news being received this month that brings out the sunshine in your life. Changes in the home whether it’s a move or travel or maybe a job change that is in another state come about. Finally there’s a yellow bring road that you can walk down. This will also start bringing some financial security in your life so that you can once again start enjoying the opulence of life that your sign is entitled to. The relationship area is also alive and well. There will be a number of unexpected encounters with the opposite sex that want to wine and dine you. Take your time here, you’ve made some mistakes this past year that have put you in some abusive relationships and friendships. It’s not that this will continue it’s just that I want you to savior this moment of being adored by others.

Virgo. 8-24 to 9-22
Well, you’ve seemed to have resolved some karmic issues of your life and conquered your fear of being hurt and indulged in putting yourself into the arms of another person. Now isn’t this better than eating alone and talking to the cat all the time. Then of course we have someone telling us how much he or she loves us. Don’t worry this is not a brief encounter it’s a new foundation that you will both feel secure with as time moves forward. Look for work to bring new opportunities in and out of town. Life starts to fall in place bringing cohesive structures with work, love your health and most of all your self-esteem. And please don’t try and over analyze any of this, it’s just not worth thinking something could go wrong. Remember this is a karmic moment, it’s a given.

Libra. 9-23 to 10-23
With most of the personal planets in your opposite sign Aries, look to be tested on almost a daily level. Once again others try to control you and put you back on their puppet strings. Even though others will promise you love and understanding it’s nothing more than out right lies. Don’t let guilt cause you to bit on this toxic piece of candy. This is a good period to concentrate on your career. With your abilities to organize and prioritize your career could take on a more determined form that proves to be successful in several different pursuits. And last of all a time to review sensitive psychological material tuck away in the subconscious. This then paves the way for new habits in these changing times. You’re starting to come alive again.

Scorpio. 10-24 to 11-22
This is a month to follow your curiosity and see all the wonderful things that it can lead to. Whether it’s going to a seminar or reading a book or maybe just attending a lecture you need to participate and nourish the greater whole in the interests of the mind. You may also find yourself more focused on the career. You may be asking yourself is this the right path or do I want to take a different direction in my life that could drive me to be more successful. Very objective moment so you are furnished with good insight to make the proper decisions. With the Full Moon in your sign on the 20th it’s time to interact with other people. It’s just not that sparks could fly, it’s more like fireworks are going off.

Sagittarius. 11-23 to 12-21
I can see you now, just standing there and looking around at the needed changes that must be implemented in your life. This is the month to tackle all the issues. Your energy level is high and you’ll have an optimistic attitude to get things done whether it takes 8 hours or 18 hours, but you will bring conclusion to much needed change. Reading, writing and conversation flood every breathing moment in an exciting way, so time to do a lot of interacting with others. Just like last month you are becoming more and more popular so that your dance card is full. There should also be some rewards coming from the work area. Hopefully a pat on the back as well as a fatter paycheck. Try and take a sick day on a Friday and take a long weekend with someone that will be sensitive to your needs and cause you to feel the value of love.

Capricorn. 12-22 to 1-20
Usually your life is a very well thought out plan. Well, this month there can be a lot of minor irritations. Problems with the car, the phone, computer, and just having everyone question you and what your doing and why. You’re going to find that you have to explain all your actions to others. It might be best to just get out of town and change the routine of life. While this won’t be a total cure at least the change of atmosphere and chemistry will put you more in control. And remember you’re on a vacation so enjoy it to the fullest. Turn the cell phone off for once. Stay away from conversations concerning politics, religion and work. Try listing to what others are saying and do very little talking. Others will reward you for being such a good listener.

Aquarius. 1-21 to 2-18
If only you could get away for Spring break. Your life is way too complicated to even think about it. What is good is that you do start resolving one problem after another and even others are working with you to bring clarity and purpose to your everyday living. Your future is knocking on the door now and you must be very open to new directions in your life. You’re letting the past occupy your present. Does that really make sense to you? You’re the sign of change and revolution. You are the future, so time to change course and lead yourself out of fear and despair to a moment that will take your breath away. Open the door and embrace the new experiences that are demanding radical reform from you. Oh happy day.

Pisces. 2-19 to 3-20
Your another sign that needs to get out of town and head for the white sand and beaches of Florida or even further south if you have the time and money. A time to change your schedule a little bit here. You want to sleep late, lay on the beach all afternoon and stay out to the wee hours of the morning. Let your guard down here and if you have to have a few shots of one of my favorite drinks, tequila, then by all means change the personality and let the drama queen out and pretend you’re in a movie and that it’s a temporary role that your playing. It’s all fun and games so remember that part. If you can’t get away then at least be a social butterfly and follow your leader. She or he will definitely get you into some trouble that you will laugh about after the fact.

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This article has been republished from Out & About Nashville, and was part of a series of first-person pieces written by the late Bobbi Williams.

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