By Megan Wadding, June 2017 Issue.

As part of their current tour, two of the fiercest and funniest hosts in television are heading to Phoenix for a night of “unscripted, uncensored and unforgettable” conversation.”

Friends for more than two decades, Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper are bringing their AC2 tour, an intimate evening of deep talk and shallow tales, to Comerica Theatre June 9.

Echo Magazine caught up with Cohen to find out more about why this pair of hosts work so well together and what attendees should expect from their Phoenix show.

Echo: Can you tell me the how the idea for AC2 came about?

Cohen: Anderson was interviewing me for a book I had out two years ago. His agent represents Bill O’Reilly who has been on a tour with Dennis Miller for many years and she said that [we] could craft a show and take it on the road. So, we did and here we are, 25 or so cities later.

Echo: What can you tell me about your friendship with Anderson? Is it  true that you met more than 20 years ago on a blind date?

Cohen: Yes. Well, we were set up on a blind date, but we never went out on it. He said that he could picture me gesticulating wildly, and that he just decided then that he was never going to go out with me!

Echo: A lifelong friendship is a pretty good compromise!

Cohen: Absolutely!

Echo: What can attendees expect from the show?

Cohen: It’s pretty loose. It’s great. It is really funny and it’s a great night out. There are always a lot of couples there, a lot of groups of girlfriends. It’s just a lot of fun. It’s kind of half about [Anderson] and half about me. It’s a real conversation and then we open it up to the audience and let them ask us anything they want.

Echo: What sorts of things do you anticipate you and Anderson will talk about in Phoenix?

Cohen: We have topics that we keep heading back to, but we just let the conversation take us where it goes.

Echo: Does what you talk about change at all depending on what city you’re in? Or is it all completely off the cuff?

Cohen: Yeah, sometimes a little bit. Definitely, if there’s news that’s happening or something that he or I have been involved with, then we’re there.

Echo: Anderson’s specialty is world news and your specialty is pop culture, but you complement each other perfectly. How does that work and where do you think intersect that makes this pairing work so well?

Cohen: I think we just share a common sense of humor and appreciation for each other and news and pop culture and great storytelling. We just have great rapport because we’ve known each other for 20-something years, so we have a lot of history together and a lot of great stories. We know how to bring out the best in each other and it comes out through [in the show].

Echo: What sort of feedback are you getting from people who have attended the show?

Cohen: They love it! They have a blast. I think they’re surprised at how funny Anderson is.

Echo: Do you think you know how to bring out the best of his humor?

Cohen: I think partly, but he is just really funny. This is the best iteration of Anderson that you’re going to get, [is] seeing him on stage.

Echo: How often do you and Anderson get to see each other when you’re not touring?

Cohen: We talk or text every day. We see each other as much as we can, but we both have crazy schedules. We had a photo shoot together last week and I’m seeing him tomorrow night. But we end up seeing each other more on tour and FaceTime than anything else.

Echo: Have you been to Phoenix before? Are you looking forward to doing the show here?

Cohen: I haven’t been to Phoenix in many years. I was there for work for CBS News many, many years ago, so I’m excited to [come back].

Echo: What other projects do you have going on, other than the show?

Cohen: Just that I have “Love Connection” airing this summer on Fox that I’m really excited about. It’s just kind of a perfect show for me. It’s a reboot of that great old game show.

Echo: The AC2 tour dates seem to be selling out – congratulations on that. Phoenix is excited to see you both in June.

Cohen: Thanks! It’ll be a great night out. It’s a lot of fun.

Photo by Glenn Kulbako.

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