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When it comes to gospel house remixes there just "ain't no other man" but DJ/Producer Scotty K. First emerging on the national scene on the multiple Emmy-winning daytime talkers The Ellen DeGeneres Show. The LA based DJ went on to remix with DJ Chris Wren the theme to Disney's smash hit That's So Raven and produced his first Billboard charting remix with Debby Holiday's summer club anthem "Dive". Recently, DJ Scotty K marked another milestone in his career with his remixes of Christina Aguilera's first single from her latest album. Shooting up the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play Charts to hit #1 on September 9 in just seven weeks, the single also features remixes by Junior Vasquez, the Shapeshifters, Ospina & Sullivan, Jake Ridley and Ultimix. Recently, DY Scotty K took time to chat with O&AN about his success.

How does it feel to hit number one with the Xtina track?

It's been kinda euphoric, really. I've only really been immersed in remixing and producing for the past 3 or 4 years but I'm pretty much as full on as I can be with it. It was incredibly exiting to hit number one with one of Xtina's tracks because she's so iconic. People just respond to her in a way that they do almost no one else.

You've had a successful career so far with different projects but haven't really made many forays into mainstream dance music before now. How did you manage to be placed on a single with so many other seasoned DJs?

The chance to do the song happened sort of accidentally I am a Billboard magazine reporting dj so I got a copy of the studio track in advance on vinyl that contained the acapella track on the b side. I fell in love with the song immediately and like a lot of people just like me I realized there was huge remix potential so I just spent some time with the song and put together my remix that imagined the song as a hands in the air big room dance anthem. 

How long did it take you to turn around a finished remix?

I was trying to get it done in time for all the big gay pride festivals that were going to be starting soon around the country. I got the vocal on the vinyl about two weeks before Pride started in NY, San Fran, Vancouver, Toronto, Chicago and Houston. They were all happening the exact same weekend. I busted my hump to get it together and into the hands of my bigger name DJ friends and ask them to play it at the events they would be spinning at during the festivities. I was spinning in Houston's Gay Pride Celebration this year and all night my phone was lit up with text messages and phone calls from people who were playing the track or in attendance where it was being played. People were going nuts. They were jumping and screaming and carrying on like mad. It was a huge hit. I ran out to the store immediately and bought the Billboard Magazine chart when it hit #1 and I'm gonna frame it with a copy of the single with my mix on it.

You've already heard from everyone else about the track but has there been any word from Xtina herself in regards to the remix?

Indirectly. I've been told that she is very hands on when it comes to her singles and ultimately every track goes through her hands for approval before it is released.

There are so many types of dance music out there and just as many types of DJ's. Where in the spectrum do you place yourself?

I operate on a certain philosophy as a DJ. I realize that there are lots of DJs out there partly because technology lends itself to having a lot of people who can technically DJ. Really what it boils down to is that the whole art of being a DJ knows the music and knowing the impact of the music long before you've even played it. There is a very artistic and creative element to truly being a DJ that allows you and the crowd to be totally connected through this incredible expression of sound music and words and energy that culminates in a memorable experience unlike any other. Music is the first thing that I think about when I wake up and the last thing I think about when I fall asleep. I live for music and as long as I'm on this planet I'm going to make music.

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