We thought those of you who listen to our Out & About After Dark podcast might be interested in this hot couple! Webcam adult models Sebas Cambiano (25) and Pablo Español (28) are making a name for themselves online at CAM4 as a married couple sharing their sexual adventures. The duo has built a lucrative line of adult content and have partnered with CAM4 to create and deliver their tantalizing brand of sensual delights.

After meeting on TikTok, Pabloysebas have adapted and reinvented their shows while continuing to grow their fanbase. In addition to mastering the illusion and fantasy of adult cruising, the couple has also become masters in the art of creating the sense of having ‘Sex In Public.’

“We have conquered the public with our cruising shows.  The response we get from these cruising shows, lets us know that people really enjoy what we do.  Having the ability to offer illusion and fantasy of having sex in public places is something so many of us think about.  Being able to bring our fans and viewers with us is extremely unique.”

Their truly one-of-a-kind shows, where viewers get a chance to tag along on their sexy adventures, are a huge draw. And the way they interact with fans have kept them in the favorite performers category on CAM4.

“Something that our fans appreciate is the education and respect with which we treat everyone.  We try to read and answer all of our messages and reward the fans who we consider extremely loyal.  Our goal is to always give our followers what they want without deception.”

That willingness to interact is enhanced by the interaction between the platform and some of their favorite toys. Some of the more adventurous of you may be familiar with Lovense toys, which allow one to wear a toy out in public, or at home, and give control of the toy to someone remotely via an app. Through CAM4, they can give control of the toy to tipping audience members!

“We recently received a new Diamo by Lovense, the first wearable, external male toy ever produced. A comfortable and vibrating Bluetooth powered cock ring, the sensations we achieve from this product is absolutely amazing! We can also connect it remotely during our live cam shows so our viewers can activate the sensations with their tips. This is a new favorite toy of ours and we highly recommend it!”

Recently CAM4 did an inhouse interview with Sebas and Pablo to discuss topics from what it’s like to build a brand as a couple to navigating the creation of public content through a pandemic. They also address questions that those of you who might be thinking of camming might be interested in, like why they chose the platform they did, branding, and other business-related topics. You can read their FULL NSFW interview with CAM4 HERE!

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