Brace yourselves, folks, because we have a legend in the house. This month we got to kiki with none other than Trinity Monroe. She has been a huge staple in the drag community for a decade. She's a very talented comedy queen but don’t think that it limits her. She can dance the house down! If you don't know this lady, then shame on you! Sit back and enjoy as we get all the "t" on this Nashville legend.


When did you start doing drag?

I started doing drag on May 23, 1993. It all started because I was at a show and not very impressed. I opened my big mouth and said, "I can do better!" Well they held me to that and invited me back the following week as a spotlight performer. I got there, and they sat me down and painted me. I literally had to go straight to the stage because it had taken so long.


Do you have a drag mother?

Yes, I do, her name is Lexi Versace Sinclair. We became great friends, and she would loan me costumes and such in the beginning of my career.


Do you make your own costumes?

Yes, I do. A friend of mine back in the day named Scott did drag as well, and he made all his outfits, and he taught me to make mine.


When did you come to Nashville?

I came to Nashville in 2001. I was terrified the first time I went to perform here. I did a talent night at The Chute. Like I said, I was very scared and did not know what to expect. The girls were so loving and welcoming. They helped me and offered advice. You could tell there was real love and a sisterhood.


What's your biggest accomplishment in your drag career?

My biggest accomplishment is being my own persona. I try to be nothing else but me.


How many pageants have you won?

I have won 3. Pageants aren't really my thing though. I would rather prepare and dress a contestant. I get more out of that.


What title would you love to win?

I would love to win Miss Gay America. It is the true female impersonator pageant.


So if you’re competing in a pageant and another competitor tried to throw you off, what do you do?

I really don't pay attention to the other girls to be honest. I am there to compete and I have a team there to support me and keep me focused.


What is the shadiest thing you've seen another queen do?

Oh, in the pageant world I have seen a lot of shady things! I have seen girls pat another queen on the back and wish them luck as they are wiping glue down the back of their gown. I have even seen people crush light bulbs or glass in someone’s powder. In pageants, it was war, very dog eat dog.


Do you have any haters?

Oh, of course, who doesn't? If you don’t like me, leave! I'm getting paid to be here. We already got your money. I'm just like f**k ‘em.


So I know you judge pageants because you have judge me numerous times. How many do you think you have judged?

Oh, wow, over 50 for sure.


What do you think about the new generation of queens?

They do not respect the art form. They don't! They have no idea of the history of drag.


What is the best advice you could give a new queen?

Learn to use your ears and not your mouth.


What is one thing about drag today the really differs from when you started?

Girl we could never paint at home. Times were very different. We had to walk down a dark alley to the entrance. We always had to leave in pairs, because back then people weren't as accepting as they are now. You really had to worry about your safety.


What would you say is different about drag today compared to the years before?

There is no camaraderie, it used to be a sisterhood but that is not there anymore. They form cliques not a sisterhood.


What is your biggest pet peeve with other queens?

Not knowing the words to your song.


Who would you say is Nashville's best drag performer?

Brooklyn Hytes. Her stage persona is what it needs to be. She is an entertainer and is always doing something different.


If you were trapped on an island and had to be stuck with one queen, dead or alive, who would you choose?

That’s easy! I would want Bianca Paige, because no matter what the situation I would be guaranteed a good time.




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