Arizona's housing market is hot, hot, hot right now, with the market facing a shortage of properties. That means it might be a good time for you to sell, if you were considering doing so.

The word is out. Some are calling it a “Seller’s Market,” and if that is true for the real estate sector you currently own in, then you may be considering a move.

Keep reading if you are looking for some quick and easy (especially on your wallet) ways to boost your current house’s value.

A front door makeover

Often overlooked and arguably the most affordable (if you just go with a coat of paint or find a real deal on a vintage option), upgrades you can do because the front door is truly a seldom thought of part of a buyer’s first impression. The old saying goes that “You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression,” and the proof is there. It has been reported that 76% of buyers say that first impressions are everything when visiting homes. Even if you choose to buy a brand new front door, according to the National Association of Realtor’s Remodeling Impact Report, people recoup 75% of the cost of their new door when they sell.

K.I.S.S. your lawn

Keep it simple when it comes to your lawn. Buyers, of course, respond poorly when they see a neglected front yard, but they have also been known to immediately talk themselves out of a house where the landscaping looks too expensive to maintain. Safe bet? Make sure your front landscape looks comparable to the nicer homes in your neighborhood, healthy and easily maintained for the win. 

Break out the paint

This goes for inside and out. A fresh coat of paint is a wonderfully inexpensive way to increase the value of your current home. Choose neutral shades to appeal to the most significant number of potential buyers instead of choosing bright, impactful colors that may only attract a few people’s interests. Pro-tip from Zillow: Steer clear from dark brown and terracotta shades when it comes to interior paint colors. These colors have been shown to cause a home to sell for $469-$793 less.

New knobs and drawer pulls

Details matter. These minor enhancements won’t cost you a fortune and have a more considerable impact than what you think in the buyer’s mind. Experts at Home Depot advise that when doing this, consider the year your home was built and stick to a classic style from that era. Most times, it is instantly complementary to the rest of the house. 

Look to lighting

Clean or replace outdated light fixtures, including outlet and switch plates. Updating indoor and outdoor lighting will immediately affect how potential buyers experience the home you are selling. Again, you may want to look for fixturing that matches the era your home was built. For extra credit, replace all bulbs with the same wattage and clarity. This will give the lighting continuity and won’t make a room appear less appealing simply because you used a different, perhaps more, dim bulb. 

Matching appliances

Full kitchen, bathroom or laundry area remodels are expensive, but for a quick upgrade, ensure the appliances and fixtures (like faucets) match. Noticeably clashing or mismatched, especially large appliances like your refrigerator and dishwasher, can give the impression that one recently broke down and the next may soon follow. Of course, you don’t have to buy all new appliances but be mindful that they aren’t competing against each other if they don’t match.

Add luxury with crown molding

Watch any HGTV show when people are touring homes, and you will hear them rave about the crown molding. This is an easily installed, inexpensive detail that people will remember and use in comparison to homes that don’t have it. Impress potential buyers by adding this luxurious architectural detail to ensure you stand out in their minds long after they have left the tour.

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