5 Queens Tucking

This Christmas will be my 10th holiday season, and over the years I have gotten some great things under the tree, but I have also been missing other things too. This wish list will be your key to getting just the right gifts for the queen on your list.

For a queen who is just starting out there are a few necessary basics she shouldn't be without. A Performance Studios gift certificate will cover a lot of ground for the new girls. They need make-up. Remember Cover Girl, doesn't cover BOY! While you are there, get her some quality hair, lace-front wigs are ideal for the look and feel of real, but they also have custom pieces that are sure to be a hit!

Every queen, new or old can never have too many shoes or boots. Today the shoes on stage are a focal point of any number. Remember, you can get great shoes without breaking the bank. Ask her what size she wears, and try going to some of our local shops like Smack, or online retailers like Zeyzani.com and Zappos.com to find some unique styles.

If your queen is blessed with the ability to sew, and make her own costumes then a Jo-ann or Hancock Fabric’s gift card might be your way to go. If you see some fabric you think she would like, remember stretchy fabric is always a plus for some of us.

Don’t forget to get some matching thread and an invisible zipper to bring it all together. She will love you for taking that extra step, trust me!

If she doesn't sew, but is very crafty, like myself, those gift cards will come in handy to pick up stones, e-6000 (the best craft glue ever made), feathers, hot glue, and yes, maybe even some duct tape!

Another great gift is a new make-up mirror! They don’t last forever, and can be expensive. I won’t lie; I have picked up a few at the local Goodwill in my past. I think I paid $3 for my last one. Can’t beat that. Along with a mirror, a make-up case is always a good thing to have. I have two, one small to just hold the basics and a larger one for going to out of town gigs and pageants.

Jewelry! How did I get this far down on the list and not mention jewelry? Remember, most times, bigger is better. Every queen needs some signature pieces. A jewelry box is always a good idea too.

Some things to remember when buying jewelry: check for missing stones, make sure the stones are glass or crystal (plastic stones won’t sparkle on stage), and make sure to know if her ears are pierced or if she needs clip-on backs. Don’t worry if you find the perfect earrings and they are not clip-ons and her ears aren't pierced, there are converters out there.

One last gift that could prove invaluable is a photo session with a photographer who knows how to shoot queens. The right angles and lighting are key. These photos will enhance her career both by using them for promo pictures, and for her Facebook and website images.

These items might be on any queen’s, or king’s wish list. Nashville has some great local shops, and some amazing performers, so lets dress them in style!

This article has been republished from Out & About Nashville, and was part of a series of first-person pieces written by the late Bobbi Williams.

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