In this episode of Out & About After Dark, we chat with Gustavo Ferrara. Gustavo grew up in Tennessee, before heading off to the United States Navy. After he did his five years, Gustavo transitioned out of the military into the LGBTQ bar scene, and sex work, filling roles (and holes) from go go dancing to houseboy to cam and porn model. We talk to Gustavo about the ways that his private life and his work have intersected and the way that this has prompted him to work for greater balance and to promote his own mental health while remaining engaged in the work he loves.

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I was just like, man, I can't do this. I can't be in the south anymore. Like I've tasted and experience what true freedom and acceptances is like. I can't come back and like put myself through this again. So I kind of was just like, "Hey, who wants a house boy?!" I ended up moving to West Hollywood, with this guy. That was an experience… It was a good time. I didn't really do anything; I stayed up there for like three months. But then I felt like that situation was just … a lot more party than it was anything else. And it just … I didn't need that at the time of my life. So I ended up moving back to Nashville after three or four months… Very shortly after that, I ended up being another house boy in Las Vegas….

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