Most people who come to LEAN are motivated and ready to begin pursuit of a new, healthier life.  Although they know exercise is a major part of that new life, I’ve found that most don’t understand all the benefits they’re about to achieve. While “washboard abs” and slimmer thighs are excellent “outside” incentives, there’s a greater reason to exercise and I refer to that element as fitness “on the inside”.

While all movement benefits the body’s internal systems, I talk specifically about cardio routines when I mention the heart and the creation of energy over a sustained length of time. Through cardio exercise, the body is trained to promote greater blood flow and better regulate oxygen, which helps manage our energy levels more efficiently and continue activities longer without exhaustion. Do you find yourself out of breath after performing menial tasks? Are you unable to lift or carry reasonably- heavy objects for an extended amount of time? If so, you are probably missing a certain endurance component in your life. Adding cardio activities such as walking, jogging or biking in small quantities can reap tremendous benefits for you. The following are some of those benefits:

  • Weight loss      
  • Stronger heart and lungs
  • Increased bone density
  • More energy
  • Reduced stress
  • More efficient sleep
  • Some relief from depression and anxiety
  • Reduced risk of heart disease
  • Reduced risk of some cancers

The greatest reward, though, comes in the way you feel, and nothing matters more than your emotional well-being as it thrives around activity. Although it doesn’t sound logical, more movement on your part will make you less tired and give you more energy! Try it. 

Today, when you get home and you’re exhausted from work, don’t sit down in your favorite chair. Take a walk or a light jog for 20 minutes. You will feel drastically different.  Then, harness that new-found energy and carry it over to a discipline of resistance training and eating meals in moderation.  Of all the clients my trainers and I work with every week, those who are disciplined and consistent are the most successful. Let your cardio exercise be the jump start for your entire exercise program and remember, fitness “on the inside” will help you reach your goals for the outside.

Jeff Howerton is a trainer and owner of LEAN personal training, where he and his trainers work with clients to lose fat, develop lean muscle and implement strategies for healthier living. LEAN (615) 279-1900 or 


This program consists of TWO (or THREE) Fast and Fit sessions per week at $30 per session. Each session includes 15 minutes of cardio and 30 minutes of resistance training with a LEAN personal trainer. The program lasts one month, but clients who take advantage of this are welcome to continue at the same rate if they wish to do so.
In addition to helping develop an exercise routine, a LEAN trainer will offer some basic nutritional guidelines that will help meet personal goals, as well as offer testing on flexibility and strength.

The 4 WEEK FITNESS can begin any day. In order to learn more or schedule a session, please contact Jeff at (615) 279-1900 or

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