I have vodka for tonight’s episode, so CMT, don’t make me use it! I really need it for the inauguration, but, who I am kidding? I’m not going to watch that shitastrophe.

We begin with Juliette doing her physical therapy and she didn’t take her oxycodone before her session and the physical therapist ain’t happy with her. I’ll take a few of those, please, to get me through this episode and the next four years. Anyway, Juliette asks the PT about some contraption that helps people walk that redistributes weight. Then, she snaps at the PT, remembers herself, and is nice about perhaps trying out. Good Juliette! You can be trained!

Kevin has found a place for them to live, but Will isn’t gung ho about moving in with him. Will, you are doing the same thing that you did to Layla. Please don’t let this be a repeat performance. He goes to look at an apartment that Kevin loves and the guy showing him the place is a fine piece of man candy. Anyway, this place looks like it’s in the Gulch and not cheap. Man candy is so flirting with Will, too.

Avery is tired of being Juliette’s errand boy and it’s starting to wear on him. She bitches to him about not going to her psychiatrist because all they want to talk about is the crash. She wants to speed up her healing process and contemplates popping an oxycodone, but then throws it across the room. Juliette! Don’t hide it, divide it!

Rayna and Bucky are trying to find someone to direct Scarlett and Gunnar’s music video, but need to find someone who will work with them on a budget. Not to be an ass, but Nashville is an artsy fartsy town. You cannot throw a rock and not hit someone good with a camera. But, no time to worry about that. Rayna and Deacon are going out with that mucky much tech guy Zach Wells.

Once in the walking apparatus at the physical therapists office, Juliet tries to take a step, but has a panic attack instead. Her physical therapist said that it’s normal and that she went through something similar. Now that we are more focused on the PT, it appears she might be transgendered, which would really make this show more interesting. It would be even better if we got rid of Juliette and kept the trans physical therapist.

AND OH MY GOD, Nashville, you just made everything better! Nashville’s real mayor, the wonderful Megan Barry is on the show. She is meeting Zach at the Bluebird with Rayna and Deacon to watch The Chex Mixes (Scarlett and Gunnar) perform. They perform their single “All of Me” and, as always, they are perfection on stage. After the show (and as I predicted) Zach wants to team up with Rayna for a business venture involving Highway 65.

Back at home, Deacon is doubtful of Zach’s motives. Deacon thinks he’s a little weird and so does Rayna. She ends up meeting Zach later at some barbecue spot in The Gulch. What he wants to do is give the company enough money to get by every year and he gets 20% of the company. Rayna will remain the big cheese, but Zach will have the right of consultation and Rayna will have to consider the advice of his team. I want to be part of this. Rayna NEEDS my advice.

Will is avoiding Kevin and when he finally does manage to get him one on one, he is wishy washy about getting the apartment they looked at. Then, when the apartment goes to someone else, Kevin goes back to searching for another place.

Juliette is still mad because she isn’t walking yet and when she tries to get herself from the wheelchair to the toilet, she falls and Avery comes running to the rescue. And what does Juliette do? She snaps at him and then he realizes she hasn’t taken any of her pain pills. She doesn’t want to go back to the days when she was abusing the oxies and the mollies. I kind of wish she would because she was somewhat tolerable then. Anyway, she and Avery get into a big shouting match. It ends with Avery pointing out that she is a pain in the ass because all she does is push people away who try to help her. You think Juliette is that deep? Awww, you’re precious, Avery.

Anyway, Juliette gets her other errand boy, Emily, to take her to Hallie’s church in Dickson. She rolls herself into the sanctuary and the preacher says he is there if she needs to talk. He basically teaches her to pray and then she gives a heartfelt speech to God asking why she was saved from the crash and not the other people on the plane. Juliette, you ask this every damn episode and I can’t figure it out either.

Rayna gets a weird envelope in the mail full of rose petals and like a 20 page hand written letter from I’m guessing her stalker. Zach interrupts her letter reading by calling and telling her he thought of a director for The Exes music video and it’s some bigshot movie director. Rayna tells him she isn’t sure yet because she hasn’t accepted his offer yet. Deacon walks in and sees the stalker letter. It’s even creepier because it wasn’t mailed, it was just dropped in her mailbox. Bucky comes over to check it out and recommends, just for funsies, they might want to beef up security around their house. Will that mean forcing Maddie to leave the show? I would be so down for that. I digress… So, they go from talking about security to discussing Zach’s offer and Deacon is now on board as is Bucky, but Rayna wants to talk to the company’s attorney first.

Avery and Will are out having a beer and Will is complaining that temptation is everywhere and he can’t help but wonder “what if” with all of these hot guys everywhere. Avery says he has FOMO- fear of missing out. No, Aves, I believe that is called a wandering eye and a fear of commitment. Avery then warns him that living together will test you. Um, Avery, not everyone lives with a self-centered, spoiled succubus. Your experiences are a bit different than most. Either way, Will isn’t sure he wants to be with Kevin.

When Avery gets home, he apologizes to Juliette and she says he is right. She doesn’t want to need him, but she does. Juliette, you need someone to slap around and do your bidding. So, they have this sweet make up conversation and when she starts to get frisky, he pulls away. Now, granted, lovies, that is a natural response to nearly every living being when it comes to Juliette, but it is not for Aves. He can’t perform because he is still screwed up inside and needs some time. Oh gees, CMT, is this some Twilight crap you’re pulling now?

Highway 65’s lawyer is impressed with the deal Zach wants to make and there is literally nothing in the contract that would damage Rayna or the company and it is essentially free money. Rayna signs it

Will shows up at Kevin’s place, flowers in hand, and Kevin is pissed. He found the application for the apartment Will was to have dropped off, in the trash. Wilma, you are a relationship amateur. Kevin tells him to be straight (no pun intended) with him and Will says “I don’t want to live with you.” Will maybe needs a little space and they end up breaking up. At Will’s gig that night, he is performing at a club and he can’t perform at first. Then, he sings, in tears, a tune he wrote with Kevin.

Later, we see Avery pick up Juliette and carry her to the bedroom. Well, now I need the vodka and that oxycodone Juliette threw away. See you next week, my sweet tadpoles!



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