WSMV interviews O&AN Print Editor Grady on Orlando shooting

WSMV-TV contacted O&AN earlier this week for comment on local reaction to the Orlando shootings. Print Editor James Grady spoke with reporter Dennis Ferrier for a story that aired June 13. He explained the backlash that many of us saw coming when marriage equality spread throughout the nation last year.

"The climate has been fostered by the increasing culture war over same-sex marriage," Grady told WSMV. "There is an electricity in the air. For certain people it leads them to act in ways that are unpredictable."

Watch the video here.

Reporters have to squeeze a lot of information into short clips of just a few minutes, so there were a few things Grady wanted to stress that didn't make it to air.

"One aspect of the interview that didn't make it to air was our discussion of what role Islam should play in our discussion of Orlando," he said. "I cautioned and I think it's important that any discussion of Islam in this context should be informed by a greater understanding of a very diverse religion than most Americans have bothered to develop. I think that we all owe ourselves to learn more about this varied tradition."

As well, Grady noted that our community, like any, will have to process this tragedy and wanted to remind folks that there are services available if anyone feels overwhelmed at this anxious time.

"As time goes on, people will continue to struggle with their feelings about Orlando," he said, "and there may come times when, unexpectedly, those feelings surge in unexpected ways. It's important for people to keep turning to their social network and finding support where they can, but it's also important for people to be aware that there are many resources available to our community."

To that, here is a list of resources from the Tennessee Suicide Prevention Network.









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