The Best Gay Massages in Byron Bay

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Best Gay Massages in Byron Bay

There's no shortage of massage therapists in Byron Bay that offers various types of services. If you're not familiar with Byron Bay, it is known as the rainbow region because of its inclusivity and history of being a mecca for LGBTQ+ visitors, particularly gay men.

The healing aspect of sensual massages, tantric massages, or bodywork can help individuals deal with reduced stress, anxiety, and depression, often improving sleep quality. Additional benefits are the elimination of sexual, emotional, mental, and physical blockage. Here are 3 massage practitioners that cater to men as well as an instructor that offers various types of classes and workshops.

Lets Be Well

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Lets Be Well Counseling, Group Process, Bodywork

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Lets Be Well offers 3 types of services:

Counseling and Coaching

Therapy and counseling sessions to learn how to navigate life in a more harmonious way.

Gestalt Group Process

Therapy that is designed to focus and center on your awareness, freedom, and self-direction.


Offering sessions of Kahuna massage or Zen Thai Shiatsu

  • Ceremonial Transpersonal Bodywork - With respect and reverence to the roots of Polynesian techniques and an ongoing love affair within the field of the transpersonal. With ongoing guidance from within entheogenic medicine, transpersonal bodywork offers treatment and experience that is profound and rich in ceremony and rite of passage. Grounded in the basic principles of Yin and Yang and the cycles of destruction, creation, embodiment, preservation, and release the application of touch, sound, rhythm, motion, breath, clear intention and focus bring about a heightened awareness and deep connectedness unfurls within both the giver and receiver. Approached as a whole body meditation and a practice in turning one's gaze inward the receiver is facilitated in exploring the complex layers of the body, mind psyche, and interconnected beliefs, emotions, and memories. It is with courage and commitment to using the mind to travel within the many layers of the body system that a profound deepening and unification of all parts of the human experience unfurl. Our breath is our anchor and our breeze from which we captain our vessel, our inner landscape and the many layers within is the infinite ocean from which we must learn to navigate with presence, courage, and commitment.
  • Thai Shiatsu Bodywork - A fusion of Thai and Shiatsu massage, this treatment is therapeutic in nature and is offered as a clothed treatment. Delivered on a shiatsu mat on the floor the practice involves gentle stretching, cradling, rocking, rubbing, and shiatsu trigger point therapy. The treatment has been likened to receiving a 1.5-hour yoga session without you having to do anything except breathe and let go.
  • Thai Shiatsu Floor Massage - a 90-minute whole body meditation. With this technique, your body is invited to find its own parasympathetic nervous system release. Thai Shiatsu Massage offers a deep rest of the entire body and nervous system.
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The Healing Touch

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Healing Touch

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​The Healing Touch offers the following experiences:

Sensual Experiences

The Sensual Experience treatments offer varying degrees of bodywork from full body contact to mind and body to deep tissue. There are also introductory options as well as services for the more experienced.

Traditional Experiences

Similar to the sensual sessions, the traditional experiences offer sessions focused on relaxation, deep tissue, Swedish massage, Lomi Lomi massage, Reflexology, and Body Realignment.

Intimate Experiences

Sessions are designed to explore connections with a man, learn to talk, discover boundaries, and reach a higher state of understanding.

Couples Experiences

Massage sessions that focus on couples whether it is one at a time, side by side, or a design your own couples experience.​

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Frank Massage

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Frank Massage

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A massage therapy experience that blends, folds, and connects in a rhythmic motion. Learning to connect through breathing, the flow of the body and mind, and offering a new experience and freedom of fluidity and sensuality.

Bodywork Experiences

  • Remedial/Sports
  • Rebalancing and Deep Tissue
  • Relaxation
  • Hawaiin Bodywork
  • Tantra and Taoist
  • Thai Yoga Massage
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Kahuna Man Bodywork

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Kahuna Man Bodywork

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Kahuna Man Bodywork is where you learn the art of bodywork and massage. Classes are online or in person.

Kahuna Online Course

This is a workshop-style course where you will learn step-by-step how to perfect your form.

Bodywork Content

Stream bodywork technique content to learn the process of massage, health, fitness, and wellbeing.

Man Bodywork Workshop

Beginner's guide to bodywork in a workshop setting. This workshop is all video content with over two hours of bodywork content and various techniques.

Nude Oil Floor Bodywork

Use massage oil and learn the technique of floor massage without the need for a massage table. This course is perfect for couples to learn new techniques and make a greater connection.

Floor Massage Bodywork Routine

This course is all about floor techniques for massage and stretch routines. The step-by-step instructions cover over 40 different massage and stretching techniques.

Training Course Demo

This 50-minute video is perfect for those starting out in bodywork. Watch as the instructor walks a couple through a massage session.

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