By Kerry Pogue

The second week of Metro Nashville Softball Association’s fall season turned in some great games during the Oct. 3 weekend.  It also pitted some undefeated teams against one another. 

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In the D division the undefeated Panthers took on the undefeated Blaze.  This was a close one that could have gone either way but the Panthers pulled it out with a 13 to 10 win.  That was their first win ever over Blaze.  That got Blaze fired up and they showed that the Blaze is hotter than a ball of fire by burning the Fireballs to a crisp in their later game.  

The two newest teams in the league, Chameleons battled Players Too. Chameleons came out strong but Players Too just out hit the rapidly improving Chameleons.  The defense of the Chameleons is quickly improving and at times resembles the Holy Trinity of last year.  The Chameleons are from the Chameleons Lounge, Smyrna’s first and only GLBT club.  MNSA is proud to have this group in our league.   If this team keeps working you will see a win coming from them soon. 

Players Too, hot off their win went to take on the undefeated Fusion.  Fusion was the number 2 team in the spring summer season and is still a hot contender for the fall league championship.  Fusion and Players Too ended up tied at the end of regulation play but the experience of the Fusion paid off with the extra inning 2 run win over the Players Too.  Our hats are off to Players Too for a great game and for scaring the “bejeebers” out of Fusion. 

The still undefeated Panthers took on the undefeated Players.  The Panthers defense was shining and the Players started making errors.  The Panthers looked like there was an upset in the making when all at once the bats of the Players woke up and pulled off a surge at the end, beating the Panthers 11 to 7. 

Fusion took on Fireballs and the game started out close but the more experienced Fusion had one of their famous hitting innings where they took control of the game winning by 8 over the Fireballs.  Fireballs is a new team to the league also.  They are looking forward to the return of two injured players and anticipating rapid improvement once they can gel as a team.  They are a spirited team and know how to have fun. 

Holy Trinity has lost another starter with their shortstop tearing her ACL.  This is the second starter to end up hurt and out for the season.  But it has not hurt their drive and determination.  Coming off their impressive shut out of the Chameleons they stormed in for an early lead on the Players. 

The momentum was going in Holy Trinity’s favor and they could smell the upset in the making when a spurt of hits got the Players the lead.  They never looked back winning 11 to 7 over Holy Trinity.  Holy Trinity is headed to Memphis next weekend for the Memphis “Gaymes” and has a good chance of placing in that tournament.  The Players and Players Too are also going in the D division along with the Clippers C team.  The D teams have had a great first two weeks and as you can see the standings are very competitive!

The C teams are fired up and going at it this season as well.  The big news is that there is no dominate team any longer. The growth of the league has settled and there are many equal levels on the field, making for better and closer games.  Last week the Clippers beat the Inferno, this week the Inferno held off a rally to defeat the Clippers.  Last week the Fury defeated the Time.  This week the Time defeated the Fury.  The Inferno was barely stopped short of an upset of the Fury with a 7 to 11 loss.  The C games are always fun to watch.  The Only 4:00 game this Sunday was a C team game and the stands were basically full watching the nail biter. 

There will be no games next week so the teams can support the Memphis tournament.  We hope to have some of our teams bringing home the medals from the Memphis Blues Bash – Memphis Gaymes October 10-12.  It should be a great weekend.  The remaining schedule for this season is as follows:
Sunday, October 19 - 1:00 to 5:00 West Park
Sunday, October 26 – 1:00 to 5:00 West Park
Sunday, November 2 – 1:00 to 5:00 West Park

Come join in the fun of GLBT softball.  There is no admission charge, just a lot of people having fun on and off the fields.  You may want to bring chairs because the bleachers get pretty full at times. 

This article has been republished from Out & About Nashville, and was part of a series of first-person pieces written by the late Bobbi Williams.

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