Nancy Van­Reece has announced plans to run for the Madison-area coun­cil seat held for the past seven years by Michael Craddock. Coun­cil elec­tions will be held Aug. 4, 2011.

VanReece is a 20-year resident of Madison and District 4. Born in Oklahoma and educated at Baylor University, VanReece arrived in Music City in 1986 to continue her marketing agency in the music business. She worked in the music business for nearly 25 years providing a variety of licensing, publishing, marketing and branding services.

Through her company Carpe Diem Management, VanReece is now the Senior Director of Social Media Strategy & Development for Cool People Care, Inc, manages online media platforms for The Transit Alliance of Middle Tennessee, and is a frequent strategy consultant to Proof Branding. Carpe Diem focuses on assisting small businesses and nonprofits with social media to reach, build, and lead core audiences.

VanReece previously excelled in her role as an arts nonprofit Executive Director/CEO. She worked as executive director of the Nashville Shakespeare Festival for three seasons before her position was eliminated in 2009.

VanReece, who has a domes­tic part­ner and has been a lob­by­ist on civil lib­er­ties issues, said she relishes the opportunity to lead in Madison's rejuvenation.

"As I listen to Madison residents, I am picking up on their optimism about Madison’s revitalization," she said. "I believe my marketing, management and community relations skills are just what Madison needs right now. Joan and I have lived 20 of our 22 years together in this district that we love, and I look forward to the opportunity to serve Madison—and Nashville—as District’s 4’s Representative to Metro Council."

In addition to these professional duties, VanReece maintains a membership with the Nashville Women's Political Caucus, Tennesseans for the Arts and NashvilleCABLE, as well as consulting for both for-profit and nonprofit small businesses. Her broadening pursuits only serve to strengthen her bid.

"Our plan is to continue to listen to all interested and like-minded individuals in Madison and throughout the city," she said. "My volunteer and professional work for the arts community, the music business, women's groups, dozens of health & human services nonprofits, as well as the LGBT community, are all parts of who I am as a person. But first and foremost, I love Nashville and I want to be a part of Nashville’s story going forward."

One of the cornerstones to this campaign is the effort to embrace Madison's past while planning for its bright future. VanReece intends on promoting the community's most treasured areas.

"One of our four early goals is to highlight Madison-- its rich history and its new amenities," she said. "Madison is home to a number of well-known public servants, including Jo Ann and Steve North, George and Ricky Rooker, David Smith, J.D. Elliot and Buck Dozier.  The Madison/Rivergate Chamber of Commerce has been around for over 150 years and is a vital part of the future as well as the past. The Fifty Forward Madison Station and the Amqui Station museum and community center and the beautiful Madison Library are all within walking distance of each other. On any given day, beautiful families of all types enjoy Madison’s Cedar Hill Park."

While VanReece is an active supporter of Madison's longstanding citizens, she welcomes new residents who will appreciate the community's educational services, as well as its convenient location to other landmarks in the Metro area.

"Many new families are moving into Madison because of our affordable, handsome homes, good schools, and proximity to major highways," VanReece said. "The newly remodeled Madison Middle School, Goodpasture Christian School, and the fantastic Nossi College of Art & Design are three schools that are attracting new residents. Madison residents enjoy easy access to major corridors like Ellington Parkway, Briley Parkway and I-65. Best of all, the new mass transit plan will have the North Corridor from Gallatin to Nashville coming right through downtown Madison." 

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