By Timothy Rawles

It's been 20 years since clubhouse songstress Ultra Naté hit the dance floor with the LGBTQ anthem "You're Free (Live Your Life)."

Now, the song is getting a fresh run with all new official remixes by KDA, Fracture, Ibitaly & Gregor Salto, B-Sights, John “J-C” Carr, and Wendel Patrick, bringing the dance diva into the spotlight once again.

The 52-year-old singer says "Free" is something more than just a dance song. It's become a part of so many people's life stories, and the thought of putting a new version out there never crossed her mind until recently.

"For many years I wouldn’t even consider re-imagining and re-releasing it officially but there comes a time when the universe forces us to stop, pay attention and recognize that we are in a defining moment and that moment is now," she said in a press release. "There are so many around the world that need the energy, hope, and most of all 'empowerment' that 'Free' embodies."

The artist says it may not be possible to dance with each other in a club setting just yet, but like the songs says, "we can raise our voices in solidarity and sing ‘you're free to do what you want to do!’"

Last year, using video conferencing technology, "You're Free" was used as inspiration for a choral collective on YouTube. Ultra joined the group as they sang the classic dance song which has now reached thousands of views.

As for the new video for the remix E.P., it was crowdsourced by friends and family. This latest version also includes some of the principal collaborators..

"I’m really excited to share this with the world in this time of crisis and revolution," Ultra said on YouTube. "We pulled the original dream team together of backing vocalists along with vocal producer Danny Madden and built on the classic context of the song with additional nuances and fresh interpretations for now!"

You can listen to this new mix by clicking here.

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