Tyra Marie Jimenez Crowned Miss Arizona EOY 2015

By KJ Philp, March 26, 2015. Meet the other winners here.

Echo: What does being crowned Arizona Entertainer of the Year 2015 mean to you?

Jimenez: It is very special. It’s another chance at competing at a national level and having the chance of becoming a national titleholder. It’s also another opportunity to work in our LGBT community and give back to our community, which has been very supportive of me.

Echo: Describe your style as an entertainer; who are your inspirations?

Jimenez: I love the glamorous style of drag: big hair, big jewels and the sparkly costumes. I get inspiration from a lot of different entertainers. Locally, I love the stage presence of Mya McKenzie and the humor of Barbra Seville and Celia Putty. I am also a big fan of Roxxxy Andrews.

Echo: Any message you'd like to extend to all involved in AZEOY– contestants, your fans, drag family, etc.?

Jimenez: Keep believing and Keep working hard. Hard Work always pays off.

Tyra Marie Jimenez also holds Miss Gay Phoenix 2011 and Miss Gay Arizona America 2013 titles. Photo courtesy of Tyra Marie Jimenez.

Echo: What was your favorite category and why?

Jimenez: My favorite category was talent. I was able to deliver a talent with two of my good friends, Lezbian McKenzie and Mya McKenzie. It was a lot of fun to do. Hearing people laugh and being entertained was very touching.

Echo: Everyone loves talent; tell me about your performance:

Jimenez: I did a comedy Mommie Dearest for talent. I played Joan Crawford and basically took all my anger out on Christina (Lezbian McKenzie) with slapping her around the stage. The reporter was played my Mya Mckenzie and when she tried to interfere she was slapped around too. I end up shooting both of them at the end of the talent. It was very funny mix.

Echo: What specific measures did you take to prepare for this pageant?

Jimenez: I am a perfectionist. I have always been so therefore I work in every detail from every stone on my evening gown to my talent costumes. I like to get everything ready on time, at least two weeks before the pageant. It just helps release last minute stress.

Photo courtesy of Tyra Marie Jimenez.

Echo: What specific measures do you plan on taking to prepare for the national pageant?

Jimenez: I have already started planning for Nationals. First and more important was to create a budget so I can start saving up for my expenses.

Echo: Do you think co-ed pageants offer audiences something better/different? Why?

Jimenez: I believe they offer something different. We are able to get a more diverse audience and that gives us more exposure for future co-ed pageants.

Echo: Biggest lesson you learned through this experience?

Jimenez: Keep enjoying it and keep on making memories.

Echo: Any advice for entertainers just starting out?

Jimenez: Listen to all advice given. It always helps in the long run. Make sure to take all criticism in a positive way.

Echo: Anything else you'd like to add?

Jimenez: I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone that has supported me these past few years. This community has been incredibly loving to me and has made me feel like I belong and for that I am forever grateful.

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